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Cornerstone Connect

Foster social collaboration to inspire great work from all employees.

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Work Better Together

Cornerstone Connect is the social collaboration software solution that helps your employees, customers, and partners to be more effective in what they do by bringing them closer to each other and critical resources. In turn, your organization is able to streamline processes, align teams to business goals, and increase engagement across your extended network.

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Live Feed

Keep your employees in sync with what's going on in the workplace and on their teams. Let individuals share real-time news and information that is critical to keeping teams aligned and getting work done.


Connect individuals with their peers and subject matter experts to keep ideas flowing and projects moving. Employees share and collaborate on best practices, and in the process, build stronger teams.

Task Management

Teams should not have to go to multiple places to stay up-to-date on their projects. Let employees manage and assign tasks in one place, so they can focus on work instead of processes.

Goals & Feedback

Make work fun! Recognize achievements with social badges and put people in charge of their own success. Let your employees set career goals and solicit feedback from their team members.

Collaborative Learning

Make workplace learning work. Create targeted cohort programs, led by subject matter experts, to deliver impactful learning, at scale. Engage your learners and bring teams together to apply their knowledge to real-world scenarios.

  • Live Feed
  • Communities
  • Task Management
  • Goals & Feedback
  • Collaborative Learning

Benefits of Cornerstone Connect

Cornerstone understands the challenge of aligning talent management strategies to your organizational goals. With that in mind, Cornerstone Connect was designed to streamline business processes, so you can effortlessly respond to changing requirements.

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Increase Productivity

Make it easy for employees to access resources, so they can hit the ground running and contribute quickly and easily on their projects and teams.

Drive Team Alignment

Create one space where your teams can organize and manage their products. Include task management, social feedback, and goal setting tools to keep everyone on the same page.

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Improve Engagement

Rally your people around a shared commitment to excellence. Give kudos to a job well done and create growth opportunities so employees stay motivated and understand how they impact the organization.

Reduce Training Costs

Simultaneously reduce training costs and elevate learning programs — it's a win-win. Supplement your learning programs with content and videos, and create communities where learners can collaborate, regardless of where they are.

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Happy Clients

191 countries
20.5 million subscribers
42 languages
"With Cornerstone, we can go beyond that checklist mentality and ensure employees are truly engaged and understanding content."

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