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Foster social collaboration to inspire great work from all employees.

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Working Better Together

Employees demand more effective tools to contribute to projects, collaborate with colleagues, and make an overall impact in their organization. Yet, many organizations have separate applications without visibility into the way employees are working every day. Cornerstone Connect is the social collaboration tool that directly connects employees to the knowledge they need to work smarter.

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Universal Profile

The center of the universe for all employees. Manage profiles and collaboration in one place with all Cornerstone platform activities from Recruiting, Learning to Performance Management.

Collaboration Tools

Easily collaborate with colleagues, executives, and partners on projects and tasks. Empower the ability to communicate and collaborate with any sized team, in any location.

Task Management

Efficiently manages personal and team tasks to improve each employee’s productivity. Get everyone focused, tame project chaos, build consensus, and drive informed decisions.

Social Feedback

Engage employees by providing each employee with instant feedback and social badges for their contributions. The best way to enforce a culture of continuous coaching and alignment that improves performance.

  • Universal Profile
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Task Management
  • Social Feedback

Benefits of Cornerstone Connect

Cornerstone Connect unifies communication and collaboration across the organization into one streamlined flow of work by integrating a robust social layer within the Cornerstone Suite.

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Improve Employee Productivity and Engagement

Breakdown unnecessary silos and allow every employee to contribute and collaborate on tasks, projects, and ideas that move the needle. Every employee can offer feedback and help drive business results together, no matter their job title or location.

Drive Team Alignment

Accomplish much more together through easy task management, social feedback and setting team and individual goals. Align team members through a single collaborative workspace where you can discuss work, organize projects, and create content together in real time.

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Recognize Key Contributors

Provide feedback and badges to contributing colleagues for their contributions and provide job-specific training and content, assign tasks, and monitor the progress of employees. Finally, managers have the resources to recognize great work on a regular basis.

Unified with the Cornerstone Platform

Cornerstone Connect is fully unified with the Cornerstone suite to seamlessly provide the ability to deliver social learning, social feedback, performance badges, mobile accessibility, and task management to critical talent management functions.

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Happy Clients

191 countries
18.1 million subscribers
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"With Cornerstone, we can go beyond that checklist mentality and ensure employees are truly engaged and understanding content."

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