How Cornerstone Growth Edition Works

It’s easy to get started

You have two options when it comes to getting started, Quick Start & Fully Configured:

Fully Configured

This option is the perfect solution if you have a larger organization, need to configure the system in a unique way, or want Cornerstone to integrate with your payroll or HRIS. You can opt to use the standard Cornerstone content or you can customize forms, competencies, weighting, reports, coaching and communications etc etc to suit your needs. In addition to our world-class product support and information portal, you’ll get a dedicated Onboarding Consultant who’ll work with you to set up Cornerstone and train your people on the system.

Quick Start

This option is ideal for organizations with under 100 employees. You get to use all the standard Cornerstone features; self assessments, 360 reviews, Cornerstone Analytics, the Competency Library etc. System setup & admin is entirely in your hands; you can even pay online.

Quick start

Start reviewing in under an hour. This is the option to choose if you’re happy using the standard setup and entering your own data into Cornerstone.

You get:

  • Self assessments
  • Manager reviews
  • Development planning
  • Helicopter view for talent identification
  • Analysis tools
  • Reporting

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Fully configured

If you need changes to the standard setup - for example, to mirror your current performance management system or to integrate with your HRIS - we will work With you to configure Cornerstone Performance Growth Edition. You get all the features available with the quick start option, and can tweak them to suit your needs.

What’s the process for implementing a fully configured version:

Implementation Summary

There are four steps, which can take as little as 1 week or up to 12 depending on how your organization wants to manage the project. A Cornerstone Implementation Consultant will take you through the process and there are additional services available at each step if you need extra assistance.

What can be configured?

Most of the text elements (role types, labels, grid axes, help text etc) can be configured, as can many interactive elements - you can also use your own competency library.

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