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Performance and learning solutions for growing business.

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Growth Edition Products

Simple and effective solutions to manage, train and develop your employees specifically for organizations less than 400.


Build competencies, manage goals and analyze performance data for strategic insights.

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Develop employees, reduce risk and ensure compliance.

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Growth Edition 

Performance & Learning: Develop and train employees with tools designed specifically for you.

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Features of Growth Edition Performance

  • Reviews
  • Goals & Competency Management
  • Development Plans
  • Analytics & Reporting

Collect team reviews, self-assessments and 360 feedback for a more complete picture of performance.

Create and share goals, measure contribution and track completion. Make sure everyone is aligned with cultural and strategic competencies; use your own or choose from our comprehensive competency libraries.

Create individual development plans based on previous performance and future goals. Link with learning opportunities for guaranteed results.

Powerful analytics and reporting tools turn performance data into valuable information for workforce planning and decision making.

Benefits of Growth Edition Performance

The simple, engaging way for growing businesses to manage performance.

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Get the Best from Your People

Encourage review completion with simple, user-friendly tools. Support development by enabling more meaningful performance conversations.

See the Whole Picture

View your entire workforce's performance at once: quickly identify historical trends, critical roles and star performers.

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Getting Started is Easy

Expert consultants help with implementation, share best practice and show you how to get the most from your software.

Features of Growth Edition Learning

  • Flexible Platform
  • Compliance
  • Content Bundles
  • Awards & Badges

Upload a wide range of learning files; use your own content or choose from our library of courses - developed by industry experts.

Get up to the minute progress and completion data for easier reporting.

Choose from our library of best practice learning bundles including Health and Safety, Compliance, Professional Development MSOffice and more.

Encourage engagement; celebrate milestones and recognize outstanding performance with achievement badges and awards.

Benefits of Growth Edition Learning

Engage employees with e-learning content created specifically for growing businesses.

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Engage and Empower Learners

Encourage your people to take ownership of their development. Choose from hundreds of our courses, or use your own.

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Ensure Compliance

Reduce risk and injury with compliance and OSH training. Get up to the minute completion data for easier reporting.

Make Smart Decisions

Get a bird's eye view of your company's competencies, giving you the information you need for strategic decision making.

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Cornerstone Growth Edition

We believe that Performance and Learning are essential to business success, and that every organization of every size should have the opportunity to train and manage their people effectively. Cornerstone Growth Edition is simple and effective Performance Management and e-Learning technology that delivers results – no matter how limited your resources.

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With Cornerstone Growth Edition you'll get:

Tools for goal setting

Visual, highly intuitive tools for goal setting, competency management, performance reviews, development planning, succession planning, training and more

Powerful analytics

Powerful analytics for easier workforce planning, employee development, strategic decision making, painless reporting and more

Best in class content

Best in class content from globally recognized providers including competency libraries, goal libraries, coaching content, development plans, compliance training and more

Implementation support

Implementation support including dedicated HR consultants, discovery workshops, framework design, content integration, best practices, and more

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