HR Whitepapers and Talent Management Reports

HR Whitepapers & Talent Management Reports

Whitepapers & Talent Management Reports

Strategic Thought Leadership from Around the Industry


In addition to its own research, Cornerstone is routinely featured in whitepapers and reports written by leading independent research firms and industry analysts. Below you will find a selection of these reports (registration required).


Bersin & Associates
Cornerstone OnDemand: An Emerging Leader in the Talent Management Systems Market
The talent management software market, which has reached more than $3 billion this year, continues to grow – attracting new players, consolidations and emerging leaders. In this bulletin, we discuss Cornerstone OnDemand, a company we have been following since its early days, and review the company's positioning, strengths and trajectory.


Bersin & Associates
Development Driven Performance Management: The Path from Once-a-Year Performance Management to Ongoing Employee Development
Bersin & Associates Senior Analyst Stacia Sherman Garr explains why organizations need to create a culture that  focuses on ongoing performance development, rather than the once per year employee appraisal model. HR's role is both to set the right tone in communications about performance management and to provide managers with development-focused performance management tools. This report discusses in detail the five key actions that organizations should take to transition to a development-driven performance-management culture, and provides examples of companies that are successfully implementing each.


Bersin & Associates
Managing Talent in a Nonprofit Environment
Nonprofit organizations across the globe provide the vital services and assistance necessary to sustain the fabric of our societies. And although nonprofits continue to demonstrate remarkable success in meeting the daily and diverse needs facing our communities, this sector confronts significant challenges when it comes to training and retaining its own talent.  United Way of the Bay Area (UWBA) is no different. UWBA recognized that better talent management can enable better use of limited resources, allowing the organization to better help millions of people.This case study documents the business impact of UWBA's transition from paper-based to online performance and talent management.


Bersin & Associates
Request for Proposal  (RFP) Template 

Bersin & Associates has created the independent talent management RFP template and toolkit. It is a comprehensive toolkit for anyone looking to build out a TM procurement strategy.


Bersin & Associates
The Talent Management Investments: Focusing on What Matters Most through Talent Planning  
Bersin & Associates Analyst Leighanne Levensaler outlines the approach HR organizations must take to identify, cost-justify, develop and implement the highest impact talent management strategy.


Bersin & Associates
The ROI of Talent in a Down Economy 
Bersin & Associates Analyst Kim Lamoureux examines the key challenges and focus areas for organizations in today's economic environment to achieve the highest possible return on investment on talent.


Bersin & Associates
Social Networking in Talent Management 
Josh Bersin describes changes in the nature of today's highly networked organization that call for new ways of managing talent.  Of course, real business impact flows from practical use cases and this research describes how to apply corporate social networking in the context of talent management.

Bersin & Associates
The Talent Management Experience Series – New Roles and Expectations for Systems (Part 3 – The Employee Experience)  
In the final installment of Leighanne Levensaler's three part series, the analyst describes why it is useful to evaluate talent management challenges from the perspective of the key stakeholders.  In this case, it's from the perspective of the employee.

Bersin & Associates
The Talent Management Experience Series – New Roles and Expectations for Systems (Part 2 – Business Leader Experience)  
In the second part of Leighanne Levensaler's three part series, the analyst describes why it is useful to evaluate talent management challenges from the perspective of the key stakeholders.  In this case, it's from the perspective of executives.


Bersin & Associates
The Talent Management Experience Series – New Roles and Expectations for Systems (Part 1 – The Manager Experience)  
In the first part of Leighanne Levensaler's three part series, the analyst describes why it is useful to evaluate talent management challenges from the perspective of the key stakeholders.  In this case, it's from the perspective of managers.

Bersin & Associates
Cornerstone OnDemand: A Growing Player in the Evolving Market for Talent Management Software 
A profile of Cornerstone OnDemand independently written by leading analyst and research Josh Bersin.  The profile also includes interesting findings and data about the state of the talent management market generally.

Cornerstone OnDemand Research
Organic vs Acquired 
Consolidation and acquisition have been the recent hot trends in the talent management systems market. Vendors are gobbling up other vendors and offering lofty proclamations about how their new, combined systems will change the world. But savvy buyers know that that piecing together different software platforms is never as easy as it sounds in the press releases.


Cornerstone OnDemand Research
Best Practices in HR: Five Steps to Advance Your Midsize Company’s Talent Management Strategy 
Savvy leaders realize the importance of developing their internal bench strength today to competitively address the organizational demands of tomorrow. In reality, identifying and adopting the ideal components needed to support an integrated performance and learning management process is complex and time-consuming. For midsize organizations with limited resources, it's even more challenging. Developing an organizational performance management process typically marks the first step toward a more integrated approach to talent management in midsize companies. This whitepaper examines five best practices that midsized organizations should explore as they take a systematic approach to implementing effective talent management processes.

Cornerstone OnDemand Research
Compliance Challenges for Today's Talent Managers 
A high-level overview of the critical challenges facing HR practitioners around compliance management.  Not specific to any one industry, this paper provides solid footing for how to handle a range of compliance, licensure, and certification management issues.

Cornerstone OnDemand Research
Distinct Aspects of True On-Demand Software 
A foundational look at the business case for Software-as-a-Service, including definition of key concepts are defined and the benefits and challenges for important stakeholders in your organization.


Cornerstone OnDemand Research
Employees Stuck in the Middle? How to Transform the Average Joe into an Everyday Superhero
The terms "high performer" and "low performer" are firmly entrenched in the lexicon of talent management – and for good reason. High performers are your company's superheroes and the low performers are a constant management challenge. But what about employees that fall in "the middle"? What about the Average Joes?

Cornerstone OnDemand Research
The Empowered Workforce: Crucial to Success in the New Economy
Execution is not enough – employees also need to be empowered. Why? Because an empowered workforce means more engagement, higher customer satisfaction, increased business productivity and performance and better business intelligence.  Featuring a case study on Kelly Services, the global workforce management firm, this paper explores the notion of empowerment – what it means for the employee, why it matters for the bottom line, and how organizations can leverage their learning and talent management strategies to foster an empowered organization.

Cornerstone OnDemand Research
Employment to Empowerment: Execution is Not Enough
For most of the 20th century, the focus was on execution of tasks. Pay increases and rewards were based on the number of widgets produced over a given time period. But in the 21st century, employers need their people to be self-directed and self-motivated in completing work that is far more specialized and technical than the assembly lines of the past. Organizations will need the tools and the infrastructure to nurture empowered, self reliant and agile employees for this workforce.This paper explores how and why organizations need to go above and beyond employment and execution in the 21st century, to cultivating and transforming today's workforce into a culture of empowerment and engagement.


Cornerstone OnDemand Research
Failing to Learn: Why Learning is Critical to Strategic Talent Management
Most talent management solutions are missing the one critical component that will make positive business impacts a reality - learning. The "Failing to Learn" whitepaper helps outline the best combination of learning management system and talent management application that will maximize revenue growth by addressing learning's role in onboarding, performance, succession, compensation, and social networking.


Cornerstone OnDemand Research
Hiding in Plain Sight: Succession Management 101 for Higher Learning Institutions
While universities excel at molding society's leaders and workforce, they often fall short when it comes to developing their own administrative employees or leadership talent. Your university's future leaders could be hiding in plain sight, and in this paper, you will learn how to find and develop that talent.


Cornerstone OnDemand Research
Making the Best of It: Why Tough Times Make Talent Management Essential in the Public Sector
Today's fiscal realities are leaving few good choices for federal, state and municipal entities. Budgets have never been tighter, spending cuts are inevitable, and many reductions will come in the areas of personnel and training. However, cost savings today don't have to occur at the expense of tomorrow's needs. In this paper, discover how governments and public agencies can reduce costs and improve productivity today while building a foundation for tomorrow with talent management automation.


Cornerstone OnDemand Research
Performance Management Solutions for the Midmarket: Why Bother?
Everyone involved in the performance management process has wondered the same thing at least once: Why bother? While many enterprise-class organizations have already moved to adopt technology to support the performance management process, small and medium-size businesses are less likely to have done the same. This paper will explain why creating a performance-oriented culture that is supported by technology is crucial for business growth in midmarket companies today.

Cornerstone OnDemand Research
Talent Management for Healthcare: Facilitating Organizational Excellence and Outstanding Patient Care
Amid increasing industry consolidation, expanding organizational structures and tighter competition for talent, the biggest challenges facing healthcare providers are creating a common workforce culture and career development opportunities. Download this whitepaper to better understand how tackle these challenges head-on.


Cornerstone OnDemand Research
Strategic Employee Onboarding: First Impressions Are Everything 
Strategic onboarding programs (to be distinguished from tactical "orientation") last for a minimum of six months and pay attention to more than burying new hires in paperwork.  Socialization plays a key role, as does acclimation to corporate culture.  Getting new hires up to speed and proficient fast pays huge dividends.

Cornerstone OnDemand Research
Talent Management Strategies for the Retail Grocery Industry 
Retail in general, and the grocery industry specifically, faces a set of unique talent challenges.  Coping with often sky-high turnover, the modern grocer has to focus on retention, time-to-competence and how to get the most out of a labor component that is the industry's largest single cost.


Cornerstone OnDemand Research
The Leadership Revolution: Developing Talent in the New World of Business
In the new world of business, the identity of leadership is rapidly changing. Although traditional competencies such as integrity, vision, judgment and people development are still relevant, organizations needing to develop leaders must look beyond the conventional.


Cornerstone OnDemand Research
The Extended Enterprise: Using New Technologies to Extend Your Network, Enable Collaboration and Drive Revenue
Today, forward-thinking organizations are finding a fertile area for new growth in effectively reaching out to the extended enterprise of customers, partners and members to develop new profit centers, increase sales, cut support costs and boost channel productivity.


Cornerstone OnDemand Research
The Five Talent Management Strategies Your Competitors Don't Want You to Know
To optimize your talent strategy, learn how organizations with forward-thinking approaches to talent management develop and retain employees and drive revenue in new ways. Based on our work with industry-leading organizations, Cornerstone OnDemand offers five strategies for your organization to address these initiatives.


Cornerstone OnDemand Research
Two Sides of the Same Coin: Using Succession Management and Career Development to Drive Talent Mobility
Today, the ideas around succession management are changing. Succession management used to be a top-down process for executives only; and while it still requires the involvement of senior leaders, employees at all levels are also becoming active participants in their own career management. Successful organizations understand the need for both:  succession management enables them to have the right people with the right skills to fill critical roles, while directly engaging and empowering employees to explore internal career paths. 


Forrester Research
How Kelly Services Implemented Onboarding to Retain Quality Workers
Discover how the launch of a formalized onboarding process for Kelly Services resulted in 300% increases in revenue and gross profits, while lowering turnover dramatically. Ultimately, newly trained employees felt more confident and aware beginning their new roles than previously non-trained employees and begin to contribute to the bottom line immediately.

Knowledge Infusion
10 Recommendations for Advancing Your HR Technology Strategy
HR must consider whether legacy systems and processes are optimized to create additional value for their organizations while making "smart" investments in new, strategic technologies—ultimately helping ensure that their organizations are well-positioned to emerge as employers of choice.