PiiQ by Cornerstone Support Policy


Support feature Description
Telephone and Email support PiiQ Support personnel are available at the following times, subject to public holidays observed in either Auckland, New Zealand (NZDT below), Santa Monica, California, USA (US PST below) or Tel Aviv, Israel (IDT):
0800 to 1800NZDT Monday to Friday
0700 to 2000 PST Monday to Thursday US PST
0700 to 1600 PST Friday
0500 to 2200 GMT Monday to Friday Greenwich Mean Time
0800 to 15:00 IDT Monday to Friday IDT

During these hours, Clients may contact PiiQ support personnel by calling the relevant numbers from the self-service portal (“PiiQ Client Hub”):


All calls will be answered, subject to current call load and resource availability. If not answered the call will go to voice message whereby the Client is prompted to either complete an email incident or leave a message for the attention of PiiQ Support personnel.

Emails and messages received will be addressed on the next working day in New Zealand or Los Angeles, California, depending on the day of the week.

 (1) Support will be provided for up to three (3) named Client contacts, or more if agreed in advance, which contact may be changed from time to time by written notice from Client to PiiQ by Cornerstone ("Named Client Contacts").
 (2) Onus is on the Named Client Contacts to ensure that the Client’s Subscribers firsdt contact them when experiencing any issues with PiiQ. PiiQ Support expects to be comntcated only by Named Client Contacts.
Online Support and Knowledge Base Access to product information and other support is available 24/7 through the PiiQ Client Hub available to Named Client Contacts.
Case Management Tools Included 24/7, via PiiQ Client Hub.
PiiQ Client Hub Included 24/7, via PiiQ Client Hub.
Service Level Availability Pursuant to the PiiQ Service Level Agreement

Obligations of the Parties Client
  1. Register all support requests (“Incidents”) via phone, by emailing support@askcsb.com or by registering in the PiiQ Client Hub.
  2. Ensure that all Incidents include sufficient details which clearly describe the requested change, question or issue.
  3. Ensure that all Incidents provide background to assist PiiQ in resolution, including, but not limited to,screen shots or actions leading up to the issue
    (if applicable).
  4. Ensure that all Incidents are accompanied by an indication from the Client as to level of urgency associated with that Incident.
  5. Include only one specific support request per Incident. Excessive items in one Incident will be split up into multiple support tickets and may increase resolution times.
  6. No duplicate Incidents, and all related communications must reference the original support ticket number.
  7. In accordance with above, Client PiiQ administrators need to advise employees to raise their support request first with the Client HR or Client PiiQ administration team. The Client HR or PiiQ administration team can then escalate suitable end-user cases to the PiiQ support team which helps to reduce resolution time and streamline the communication.
Obligations of the Parties PiiQ
  1. Meet response times associated with Incidents.
  2. Provide appropriate notification to Client for all scheduled maintenance (minimum of five (5) business days) by way of the PiiQ Client Hub.
  3. Pro-actively communicate with Client to agree on expectations at any time during the management of the Incident.
  4. Review all Incidents and respond in accordance with this policy or PiiQ Service Level Agreement, as applicable.
  5. Where the resolution of an Incident may involve additional price and scope, assign to relevant reource to resolve. In such cases the deliverables and any costs will be agreed by PiiQ and Client by way of a Service Work Order that must be executed prior to the commencement of any work.
  6. Support request send in by employees will be assigned to the relevant PiiQ administrator in the HR team as the main point of contact.