Cornerstone for Retail

Improve Employee Readiness & Customer Experience

Improve the customer experience by enabling your employees.

Retailers face critical business challenges today including rising fuel prices, a stagnant economy and increased competition for consumers. When customer loyalty hangs on every interaction with your team members on the front lines, a well-trained, committed workforce is critical to thriving in the marketplace. Yet managers often don't have the time to focus on empowering their employees. It's time to build a talent strategy to hire, develop and retain the very best employees today.

Cornerstone for Retail delivers unified talent management technology that allows stores and e-commerce sites to address turnover rates, manage and develop employee competencies and deliver brand consistency with a robust, highly configurable solution.

With Cornerstone for Retail you can:

  • Enhance customer experiences by ensuring every employee delivers excellent customer service with standardized competencies and skills
  • Rapidly onboard new employees with virtual classrooms delivering eLearning across hundreds or thousands of stores and franchises
  • Improve retention rates with a pay-for-performance culture that cultivates long-term loyalty
  • Ensure sales message and brand consistency with engaged and knowledgeable team members trained on the latest merchandise


Seasonally hire candidates through social networks, branded career sites and manage the overall candidate experience.

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Goals & Performance

Keep employees and their managers on course to reach their goals, provide feedback, and award badges throughout the year with Cornerstone Performance.

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Learning & Development

Give everyone the access to social learning, training and compliance courses. Including full accessibility on mobile devices.

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Mobile Observation Checklist

Allow managers to observe employees performing service competencies directly from the field, in real-time. Provide ratings and prescribe further training.

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Mobile Observation Checklist


Foster a pay-for-performance culture with accurate planning and rewards. Provide executive insight in a compliant and visible way.

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Social Collaboration

Encourage employees to work better together and improve social learning and productivity embedded within the Cornerstone platform.

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Retail Solutions
  • Recruiting
  • Goals & Performance
  • Learning & Development
  • Mobile Observation Checklist
  • Compensation
  • Social Collaboration

Unified Talent Management for Retail

Cornerstone's technology and services move retail organizations beyond just meeting sales numbers, to developing long-term, successful and productive workforces. Cornerstone is the only pure cloud-based unified talent management solution delivering software and services the improves every aspect of the employee experience. Cornerstone partners with retailers to deliver programs that help leaders understand the skills, knowledge and abilities that each employee possesses so they may easily and effectively align organizational talent to seasonality and market changes. Execute training and learning initiatives to address any skills gaps and measure and manage performance against organizational goals.

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