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We’re thrilled to announce the third season of HR Labs, a podcast that explores how to create a better employee experience for all of your people. This season is hosted by Cornerstone’s Chief Learning Officer and VP of Organizational Effectiveness Jeff Miller and Chief Diversity Officer Duane La Bom. Through conversations with change-makers, activists, executives and experts, they’ll explore strategies for taking diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) initiatives from intention to action. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you listen.

You’re probably familiar with several different ways that individuals and organizations refer to inclusion initiatives. But what is DEI? Between all the acronyms and internal branding, meaning can get lost. In fact, research suggests overusing acronyms and abbreviations can actually alienate audiences—which, ironically, is the opposite of what DEIB is all about.

So before diving into our third season of HR Labs and discussing important topics like unconscious bias and pay equity, hosts Jeff Miller and Duane La Bom knew they needed to take the time to set the stage. What do diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) mean? How are they related and how are they different? And what do they look like at an organization? 

To answer these questions, they invited Cornerstone’s own Jeremy Spake to join the conversation. Jeremy is a member of Cornerstone’s Thought Leadership and Advisory Services team and, in this role, he’s spent a lot of time working with companies to advance their diversity and inclusion goals. In this episode, he shares his experiences and insight to help Jeff and Duane bring clarity and understanding to these terms. 

Listen to this bonus episode to hear the full conversation, reflect on the real meaning of DEIB, and prepare for the episodes to come. Episode one, featuring Torin Ellis on beating unconscious bias, launches this Wednesday, February 3. Subscribe to the show wherever you listen to your podcasts to make sure not to miss it!