Cornerstone for Salesforce

Improve Sales & Service Effectiveness with Embedded Training

Effective Training within Salesforce

Turn more of your sales and service reps into knowledgeable top performers with just-in-time training. Cornerstone for Salesforce reinvents the way sales and service teams perform with access to training embedded within Salesforce. Cornerstone for Salesforce is a 100% natively built application on the platform that leverages your Salesforce investment to deliver training to end-users.

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Enhance Your CRM Investment

As the only native just-in-time training on the Salesforce AppExchange, immediately extend the power of Sales Cloud and Service Cloud.

Improve Training Effectiveness

Deploy high-powered training and onboarding programs for sales teams, employees, partners, and customers.

Track Certifications and Trainings

Certify sales and partner knowledge while ensuring compliance standards are met with configurable dashboard reporting and analytics.

Foster Social Learning

Leverage the power of Salesforce Chatter to foster real-time collaboration for recognition and feedback on courses and content amongst colleagues.

  • Enhance Your CRM Investment
  • Improve Training Effectiveness
  • Track Certifications and Trainings
  • Foster Social Learning
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List of employees and their performance and bonuses
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Graphs showing which budgets are over and which are under

Benefits of Cornerstone for Salesforce

Real-time learning built natively on

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Just-in-time Training for Sales & Service

Directly from Salesforce, deploy high-powered training and onboarding programs for sales and service teams, partners and customers. Target specific content and courses based on opportunity records.

Track Certifications and Completions

Certify sales and partner knowledge while ensuring compliance standards are met with Salesforce's configurable dashboard reporting for sales leadership.

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Benchmark & Measure Sales Performance

Identify top performing reps and those in need of training development from one comprehensive view of your sales and service organization.

Embedded within Salesforce

Increase adoption and effectiveness by delivering real-time learning without having to leave the Salesforce application

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