Santa Monica, CA, April 7, 2004 - CyberU, the leading provider of online learning and real time human capital management, today announced that Human Resources and Training professionals can enjoy the benefits of on-demand applications services made popular in CRM and other enterprise software arenas. Representing the most ambitious effort to transform performance management processes and the automation of learning, Cornerstone OnDemand is a secure, affordable, reliable and easily deployable LMS and Performance Management System.


"Unlike complex client-server software and the inflexibility of the old ASP model, Cornerstone OnDemand allows companies to quickly and easily build and configure learning management or performance management systems without IT training and without sacrificing features and functionality," said Adam Miller, Chairman and CEO of CyberU. "This new paradigm - which avoids previous difficulties like the high cost of ownership, long deployment schedules and incompatibility among various computer platforms - changes the way HR and training professionals approach these initiatives."


Cornerstone OnDemand enables companies to quickly deploy essential applications on an as-needed basis while simultaneously protecting important information. These benefits result in less strain on valuable resources and essential personnel and greater control by learning and management experts. "On-demand applications of this nature truly democratize technology by removing hardware and software technical management requirements, and still allowing easy integration with existing systems. Now our clients can focus on their people, not their PCs," said Miller.


About Cornerstone OnDemand, Inc.
Cornerstone OnDemand is the only proven provider of on-demand enterprise software solutions for talent management. The Cornerstone OnDemand talent management suite provides fully-integrated solutions for learning management, employee performance management, and succession planning along with over 30,000 online training titles and integrated tools for compliance and analytics. Cornerstone OnDemand's software is used by industry leaders such as Aon, Honda, Pearson, Pitney Bowes, Smith Barney and Washington Mutual to achieve organizational excellence.


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