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Santa Monica, CA, August 31, 2004 - CyberU, the leading provider of on-demand applications for human capital management, today announced that the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) has chosen CyberU's Cornerstone OnDemand enterprise suite to manage and extend online certification training and workforce development programs for the association's worldwide membership.

"Member education and development is a critical issue at IFMA, and our members have been requesting more readily available online resources," said Kim Fossey, IFMA's Education Manager. "CyberU's Cornerstone OnDemand suite provides our highly decentralized membership base with an easy-to-use, cost-effective means to meet continuing education and certification requirements from anywhere there is an Internet connection, and with membership spread across 54 countries around the world, this is an absolute must have."

CyberU's pay-per-user model allows IFMA to deploy online certification programs to its members in a cost-effective manner and at a controlled pace. IFMA also will benefit from CyberU's easy-to-implement solution that enables them to build upon the success of their audio courseware library and expand into an always-accessible, online training environment via the Cornerstone OnDemand suite. In addition, IFMA's members will also benefit from easy-to-use online registration for ILT training programs, while management will benefit from more control over the training programs and access to more powerful tools including: automatic reminders for open certification training, testing tools and the ability to track member completion of courses.

"IFMA is an excellent example of the kind of enterprise customer CyberU's Cornerstone OnDemand suite can provide fast and powerful results for," said Adam Miller, President and CEO of CyberU. "IFMA can easily deploy, manage and track critical certification training for any or all of their 17,000 members, while also leveraging the full features and functionality of a world-class human capital management solution."

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