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New White Paper Explores Why Learning is Critical to Strategic Talent Management – and a Company’s Bottom Line

Available from Cornerstone OnDemand, paper highlights the benefits of integrating learning with five areas of talent management and offers best practices for taking a holistic approach

Santa Monica, Calif., February 23, 2010 Talent management initiatives can empower your employees to thrive and help your organization retain valued people. However, the irony is that most talent management solutions are missing the one critical component that will make these business impacts a reality – learning and development. To help organizations avoid this mistake, Cornerstone OnDemand has published a new white paper titled “Failing to Learn: Why Learning is Critical to Strategic Talent Management.”

The paper examines how the absence of learning can hold an organization back. It also outlines the business benefits of integrating learning and development with five key areas of talent management, including onboarding, employee performance management, succession planning, compensation and enterprise social networking.

“To realize the full potential of talent management, an organization must do more than assess performance or identify future leaders,” said Julie Norquist Roy, Vice President of Marketing for Cornerstone OnDemand. “The structure and tools must be in place to help these employees address skill gaps, collaborate for higher productivity and acquire the necessary knowledge to be ready for leadership roles”.

Too many businesses make the mistake of selecting talent management solutions that offer few if any learning capabilities. Or worse still, they try to ‘cobble together’ various learning solutions with their other talent platforms. The 2008-2009 CedarCrestone HR Systems Survey points out that the learning management application, in any combination with other talent management applications, is linked to the strongest revenue growth.*

One company realizing the potential of integrating learning with talent management is global workforce management services leader Kelly Services. A year ago, Kelly deployed Cornerstone’s comprehensive software suite – including platforms for onboarding, learning, performance, succession and compensation – to manage and develop its temporary and full-time employees.

“Unifying Kelly’s global learning and talent management initiatives was crucial to helping us successfully address our complex organizational needs,” said Allison Kerska, Director of Global Learning for Kelly Services. “For example, the launch of our formal onboarding program, which includes training and development, helped us improve employee turn-over and increase productivity by 50 percent for new supervisors in our commercial business. We’ve also seen that employees who take advantage of our learning program, coupled with their on-the-job experience, have made significant contributions to our revenue and gross profit in comparison with those who have no training.”

Learning and HR leaders who download this paper will discover how learning is essential for:

  • Onboarding: Avoid making new hires sink or swim in your organization.

  • Performance: Develop employees in the middle, not just high and low performers.

  • Succession: Do more than just identify skill gaps, actually address them.

  • Compensation: It’s not just about the money.

  • Social networking: Don’t hide the knowledge and expertise in your organization.

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