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iProgress and Cornerstone OnDemand Collaborate to Distribute HR and Professional Development Training Content to Global Organisations

LONDON, 7 September 2010 – Learning and talent management software provider Cornerstone OnDemand is collaborating with iProgress, an e-learning subsidiary of HR and Management specialist Bernard Julhiet Group, to distribute iProgress’ innovative content and course bundles to Cornerstone’s global clients. The agreement is the result of client demand for training solutions to help organisations develop their employees’ technical and business skills in a rapid and cost effective way.

iProgress helps its clients implement tailored e-learning and blended learning programs that cover a variety of HR and professional development subjects, such as management and leadership, client services, financial services, business communications, and more.

“The Cornerstone OnDemand platform impressed us with its flexibility and ease of use, as well as the variety of functionalities that cover the Talent Management value chain. It is the perfect platform to distribute the iProgress e-Learning modules and course bundles, and at the same time is totally aligned with Bernard Julhiet Group’s HR expertise,” stated Nadia Nardonnet, President of iProgress.

Cornerstone’s comprehensive, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based talent management suite offers technology support for managing, developing and retaining a high-performing workforce. The suite includes solutions for learning and development, employee performance management, succession planning, enterprise social networking, and more. In addition to its work with iProgress, Cornerstone is collaborating with several leading European vendors to expand its e-learning content library.

“Research shows that organizations with learning and development initiatives benefit from greater staff loyalty, leading to reduced staff turnover and higher productivity,” said Vincent Belliveau, General Manager, EMEA for Cornerstone OnDemand. “Businesses with experienced, trained and capable staff in the right positions, at the right time, also are best poised to benefit from any upturn in the economy. The addition of iProgress’ HR and professional development courses to our e-learning library ensures that our clients will have convenient access to high-quality content to support their business needs.”

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