About CSB

Sonar6 has joined forces with Cornerstone OnDemand!
And hatched an awesome little butterfly called “CSB”. It’s just like Sonar6 – only better and faster!
Becoming CSB will allow us to grow into a bigger, better business. And that means bigger, better things for you guys.
Combined, we’ll have more than 1,000 customers and nearly 8 million users, across 179 countries. Wow!
So, now you’ll be thinking, “Cool – but what does this mean for me?”
• The Peeps at Sonar6 stay the same – so you’ll still talk to the people you’ve always talked too. https://pinterest.com/sonar6/meet-the-peeps/
• Partnering up with Cornerstone means we can increase our investment in product strategy and services, and by tapping into a larger research and development organization it means we will be able to build you an even better product, and add features faster than ever before. The Sonar6 product that you use is definitely not going away, in fact quite the opposite, it’s going to get more groundbreaking!
• We know acquisition announcements are always embellished with plans for world domination. And yes, there were balloons and champagne. But really the part you need to know is that if you take one awesome company and add it to another awesome company it means more awesomeness for you.
Cornerstone really is a proven leader in talent management. It’s a great story, from their bootstrapped beginnings in 1999 through to a wildly successful IPO last year. If you’d like to learn some more about Cornerstone you can check out their web site www.csod.com.