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Santa Monica, CA, May 24, 2004 - CyberU, the leading provider of on-demand applications for human capital management, today announces a series of live demonstrations of Cornerstone OnDemand, its highly flexible suite of learning, performance and compliance management tools, at the annual convention for the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) in Washington, DC, from May 24 - 26.

"Cornerstone OnDemand is changing the way HR and Training professionals approach learning and performance initiatives. With our on-demand model, we are able to provide state-of-the-art features and functionality without the headaches and expense of traditional client-server installations. This makes world-class learning and performance management available to a far broader range of companies," said Adam Miller, President and CEO of CyberU. "ASTD is an excellent venue for interested professionals, training officers and development personnel to learn about this solution."

Representing the most ambitious effort to transform performance management processes and the automation of learning, Cornerstone OnDemand is a secure, affordable, reliable and easily deployable LMS and Performance Management System. It includes full-featured Learning Management, Learning Content Management, Performance Management, Talent Management, Compliance Management and Analytics modules. The learning management module includes over 10,000 pre-integrated best-of-breed titles across all subject areas.

Due to its modular design, Cornerstone OnDemand is extremely configurable, and supports all types of corporate employee development processes. The Cornerstone platform provides corporate managers with an easy-to-use administration system, allowing them to build and customize curricula, assess employee competencies and performance, track employee learning and development initiatives, manage instructor-led events, manage talent and succession, ensure compliance, create proprietary training content, share employee knowledge, and report centrally on employee performance.

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Cornerstone is a premier people development company. We believe people can achieve anything when they have the right development and growth opportunities. We offer organizations the technology, content, expertise and specialized focus to help them realize the potential of their people. Featuring comprehensive recruiting, personalized learning, modern training content, development-driven performance management and holistic employee data management and insights, Cornerstone’s people development solutions are used by more than 6,000 customers of all sizes, spanning more than 75 million users across over 180 countries and nearly 50 languages. Learn more at

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