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Recent Updates to Mandatory Sexual Harassment Training for the State of California Now Integrated Into Cornerstone OnDemand Product Suite

Santa Monica, CA - February 15, 2005 - CyberU, the leading provider of integrated on-demand enterprise software solutions for human capital management, and PLI-Corpedia, an eLearning company specializing in Internet-based compliance and ethics training, today announced the availability and integration of Recognizing and Preventing Workplace Harassment - California Education Course, into the Cornerstone OnDemand Enterprise Suite. This 2-hour sexual harassment course is specifically designed to meet new guidelines set by California law requiring companies with over 50 employees to provide every employee in a supervisory position with sexual harassment training, every two years.

Recognizing and Preventing Workplace Harassment - California Edition was developed by PLI-Corpedia in conjunction with leading employment law attorney Tyler Paetkau Esq., partner at the firm Bingham-McCutchen, LLP, to train supervisory-level employees to recognize and combat sexual harassment," says Alex Brigham, the CEO of PLI-Corpedia."We created this course with the California mandate in mind, ensuring that it met the new criteria set fourth by The State of California. Our partnership with CyberU will now afford California-based companies the fastest path to complete mandatory sexual harassment training in the most cost effective manner."

CyberU's Cornerstone OnDemand product provides a flexible and fully integrated approach to human capital management allowing users the ability to seamlessly integrate third party or custom courses directly into their pre-existing training applications. Any organization can then automatically assign targeted courseware based on selected groups required to undergo training. With targeted training, Cornerstone ensures that required compliance training, in this case mandatory sexual harassment training, is administered to the appropriate group of employees, making it easy to monitor and track compliance requirements based on state and federal guidelines.

"In addition to the sexual harassment training mandated by the new California State Law AB 1825, CyberU has integrated over 10,000 training and compliance-related titles to help increase workforce productivity and development," said Grahame Fraser, Manager of e-Learning Services, CyberU, Inc. "By integrating training from over 25 of the top content providers, CyberU provides clients with easy access to training choices ranging from training on desktop applications, to technical systems programming, to sales presentation training."

Another benefit of implementing Cornerstone On-Demand for compliance training is that it allows companies to set up automated systems to ensure adherence to external regulations as well as internal requirements. This is especially important for government mandated training requirements, and can significantly save companies both financially and in terms of reporting time.

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