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Leader in OnDemand HCM to Host Webinar Highlighting Knowledge Infusion's Ten Steps to Achieving Business Results Through Workforce Performance

Santa Monica, CA, November 28, 2005 - Cornerstone OnDemand, a leading provider of integrated on-demand enterprise software solutions for human capital management (HCM), today announced a partnership with Knowledge Infusion, a strategic HCM consultancy, to provide consulting services for Cornerstone OnDemand clients. To kick off this relationship, Cornerstone OnDemand and Knowledge Infusion will host a free Webinar, titled "Workforce Performance Improvement: Impacting Business Goals with Human Capital Management Technology." Knowledge Infusion President Heidi Sprigi will discuss ten steps to achieving business results through workforce performance. The Webinar is scheduled for Wednesday, December 8th, 2005 at 10:30 a.m. PST. Click here to Register for the Webinar.

Cornerstone OnDemand has partnered with Knowledge Infusion to provide its clients with best-practice strategic HCM consulting services. The partnership is designed to help Cornerstone OnDemand's clients effectively leverage the synergies offered by its integrated suite of learning, performance and talent management tools.

"Five years ago, strategic HCM was more a vision than a reality. Industry vision outstripped product capabilities to deliver integrated business processes to assist in proactively managing the supply and demand of talent," said Heidi Spirgi, President of Knowledge Infusion. "Today, solutions such as Cornerstone OnDemand offer organizations the ability to optimize their people as well as their supply chain. But to fully leverage these capabilities requires change -- Knowledge Infusion helps organizations through this change process and helps move them from HCM vision to process execution."

On December 8th, Sprigi's presentation will discuss the steps needed to turn reactive training and HR business processes into a strategic business function. In addition to the overview of her ten step plan, Sprigi will also highlight how to best leverage HCM technology to integrate learning and performance programs in order to increase business impact and value beyond just cutting training costs.

"There are many factors driving the need for strategic human capital management," said Adam Miller, President and CEO, Cornerstone OnDemand. "Continuous pressure for increased profitability and global competition are significantly impacting today's organizations. It is increasingly clear that the integration of learning and performance management is the key to optimizing the value of the workforce. Knowledge Infusion's talent management consulting will help our clients to realize the full power of Cornerstone Enterprise."

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