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Solution to Provide Organizations with Tools to Maximize Value and Return from Extended Enterprise Network of Partners, Suppliers, Members and Customers

Chicago, IL– October 4, 2006 – HR Technology Conference – Cornerstone OnDemand, Inc., the only proven provider of on-demand, integrated talent management software and services for the enterprise, today announced the availability of Cornerstone Extended Enterprise – a suite of solutions designed to enable organizations to maximize the value and return from their business network of partners, customers, members and suppliers worldwide. Cornerstone Extended Enterprise can be deployed rapidly to any subset of the extended enterprise and can deliver targeted learning experiences to support product launches, customer education, trade association memberships, or ongoing supplier communication.

Cornerstone OnDemand’s Extended Enterprise solutions allow organizations to provide immediate access to customized e-learning, traditional ILT administration, virtual classroom sessions, online certification testing, and full reporting tools for their network of customers, partners, members, and suppliers.

Organizations that deploy Cornerstone’s Extended Enterprise solutions can expect to realize numerous key benefits. Notably, Cornerstone:

Provides real solutions for several different types of user populations, from distributors and channel partners to key suppliers, association members, and even customers.

Comes pre-loaded with over 30, 000 e-learning titles to let organizations harness the promise of e-learning, in addition to traditional classroom training and virtual classrooms.

Lets organizations develop sustainable revenue streams by turning training initiatives into profit centers.

“To remain competitive, organizations must systematically address the knowledge, competencies, and information exchange of their network of partners, suppliers, members and customers,” notes Adam Miller, president and CEO, Cornerstone OnDemand, Inc. “We developed Cornerstone Extended Enterprise to address this need. By extending the benefits of on-demand learning and talent management to their extended enterprise, Cornerstone clients can harness the power of collaborative advantage and maximize the value of their enterprise partners.”

The Extended Enterprise offering is supported through Cornerstone Consulting Services and a one-day workshop designed to help clients identify and prioritize high-impact targets, give detailed best-practices for implementing an extended enterprise strategy, and understand how to organize for success. As with the entire Cornerstone product offering, the extended enterprise platform is delivered on-demand, enabling every user, regardless of location to access the system securely online and 24/7.

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