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Step-by-step guide helps organizations of all sizes to simplify the talent management buying process

Santa Monica, CA - July 11, 2007 – Cornerstone OnDemand, Inc., the only proven provider of integrated, on-demand talent management solutions and services, today announced the availability of a new whitepaper by Knowledge Infusion entitled, “Buying a Talent Management System: The 11 Key Steps to Success.” Specifically, the whitepaper simplifies the journey of evaluating and purchasing a talent management system, by proposing eleven straightforward steps to guide organizations through this often daunting process. In addition, this whitepaper addresses key business considerations to keep in mind for each step. This free whitepaper can be downloaded here.

“With more talent management system choices on the market today, it’s no wonder that many businesses end-up making erroneous assumptions about costs and administration requirements,” said Heidi Spirgi, President, Knowledge Infusion. “We determined that simplifying the evaluation process is the first step to help organizations as they make this vital purchasing decision and, in turn, build their confidence as they deploy their talent management system of choice.”

The Knowledge Infusion-Cornerstone OnDemand whitepaper explores the following steps:

1. Establish Objectives
2. Win Executive Support
3. Assemble a Project Team
4. Define Requirements – Getting There From Here
5. Establish a Preliminary Timeline and Resource Requirements
6. Prepare a Business Case
7. Establish a Budget
8. Evaluate Solutions
9. Select a Vendor
10. Negotiate the Contract
11. Begin Implementation

Additional guidelines contain examples of best practices and key information on business impact including many of today’s top business concerns such as retention and succession planning. Further, organizations receive step-by-step instructions on what to look for, what to avoid and even how to finalize a contract with their chosen vendor partner. By following the clear-cut advice detailed in this white paper, organizations of all sizes and across all industries will gain valuable insight into their internal processes and business goals, which will ultimately lead to a more effective talent management strategy.

“Unlike many of the expert recommendations out there, this guide directly addresses customer concerns and needs up-front, detailing the process in a succinct and straightforward manner,” said Adam Miller, President and CEO, Cornerstone OnDemand. “Once again, Knowledge Infusion’s systematic approach to educating the marketplace results in a valuable service for all organizations seeking ways to improve their talent management strategy and, in turn, achieve alignment with business goals.”

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