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Cornerstone can help bring your people strategy to life

Guidance, transparency, agility, and listening: these core values drive what we do.

Customer Success framework

Milestones, responsibilities, how we collaborate at every stage, and how we measure success together.

Customer success packages

Training, support, and optimization tailored to your specific needs.

Customer Success Managers

CSMs come from HR backgrounds and know what lies ahead in your journey - and know what success looks like.


Collaborate and connect with other clients, find answers, and share from your own experience.

Implementation partners

Our robust ecosystem of partners are fully equipped to set you up for success.

Turn admins into masters with Cornerstone U

We've created a learning ecosystem just for administrators.You have the power to choose a customized learning journey.Find valuable assets every step of the way - like the Client Success Center, informative training, inline and online help, and release support. You can even earn our professional certification.

Ensuring your success every single day

From the moment you start implementation, Cornerstone's support team is there as a guide and partner. There are different support packages for different needs - we'll help you choose what works for you.

Let's give your people strategy some momentum

Advisory Services is a team of former executives and practioners who are empathetic to our clients' and prospects' plights. They'll work with you to make sure your current talent objectives align with your overall business strategy. Advisory Services is here to help you ensure buy-in at every level of your organization by communicating end goals, measurable objectives, and processes.

"Talent Management is who we are. We've lived it, breathed it, succeeded, failed and evolved, we stimulate ideation and introduce 'next' practices. We are 'adjunct faculty' to your overall Cornerstone experience."

Mike Bollinger VP, Thought Leadership & Advisory Services

Schedule a personalized 1:1

Speak to an expert who can walk you through the ways Cornerstone can benefit your specific situation.

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