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Behavioral Assessments

Behavioral Assessments are a type of pre-hire assessment is designed to measure critical traits needed to perform on the job. It assesses whether a candidate is a fit based on personality traits rather than skills traits. For example your organization is looking to fill a sales role, an important behavioral trait to measure would be how outgoing that person is. Many candidates are able to fake traits during an interview, however using behavioral assessments will help put truth to it.

Why are Behavioral Assessments Important?

Behavioral assessments are powerful when they accurately match applicants with jobs. Strong matches typically lead to longer, happier careers because employees were selected for behavioral traits that match to the job. With increased Time to Fill and Cost per Hire, selecting the right candidate is critical to your bottom line. Avoid taking risks in your hires, with Behavioral Assessments your organization can feel confident that they are hiring the right candidate for the right role.

Cornerstone Selection can help you pinpoint the best talent by utilizing Behavioral Assessments to gauge whether or not a candidate has the right traits for integral roles.


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