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New Hire Portal

A New Hire Portal is a channel in which organizations can show off their company culture and welcome new hires with a personalized experience. It is a central location for employers to share important information such as rules, policies, benefits information and even assign out tasks for the new hire to complete.

Why is a New Hire Portal important?

New hire portals are critical in the onboarding process. They leave a great first impression by welcoming candidates and giving them a sense of community. In addition, it provides all the pertinent information in one central location so they don’t hunt for information, easing the first day stress. Employees who are engaged from the beginning evolve into productive employees that are more likely to stay.

Make your new hires feel welcome with Cornerstone Onboarding. We offer configurable new hire portals that offer your new hires a great first impression of your organization and its culture.


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