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Pre-Hire Assessments

Pre-Hire assessments are assessments that measure the technical and behavioral aptitude of a candidate in relation to the position being applied for. They can measure the ability of a candidate to perform the functions successfully. These assessments, ranging from Skills assessments to Behavioral assessments can be predictive of future behavior on the job.

Why is Pre-Hire Assessments Important?

They aren’t just important they are vital to understanding the potential of future candidates. Assessments are highly predictive method of gauging how a candidate will perform job duties, using science. Using assessments can strengthen a workforce by selecting candidates that are more likely to succeed. Other benefits of making science based hiring decisions include increased retention, higher productivity, and more streamlined hiring process.

With our Cornerstone Selection solution we provide an array pre hire assessments, from Job simulations to skills assessments, to find your future high performer.


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