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Harness the power of people data

The adoption of AI within the workplace isn’t just about taking over mundane tasks and uncovering statistical trends. It’s about using innovative technology to help people be better at their jobs and grow in their careers. And in turn, help businesses uncover better insights about their business, make predictions, and effectively respond to dynamic business changes.

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AI helps businesses and their people prepare for, respond to, and get ahead of dynamic business changes

Expected to grow exponentially, AI has untapped potential to improve how we do business


Year-over-year increase in the adoption of AI in business processes

McKinsey & Company


of senior executives understand adopting AI is crucial for their business



of global business leaders will invest in data analytics to find and develop talent

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The Cornerstone Innovation Lab for AI is a global center of excellence that brings together data scientists and machine learning experts from across the company who specialize in innovating practical and ethical ways to apply AI technology to the workplace. Their role is to propel AI innovation in the workplace forward and help businesses and their people understand how AI can enable them to better predict, prepare for, and quickly respond to dynamic business changes.

Meet the team leading Cornerstone's AI innovation journey

Together, with their combined business, technology, and ethics expertise, the Cornerstone Innovation Lab for AI is in good hands.

Mark Goldin, Chief Technology Officer

With over 25 years of experience leading global engineering and IT teams, Mark’s consideration for the impacts of AI on IT departments enables seamless technological integrations as innovations come to life.

Cyril Le Mat, Director of Data Science

Cyril has over 10 years of experience building data teams and machine learning products. In 2018, he joined Clustree – acquired by Cornerstone – and built an HR AI platform focused on skills frameworks and careers. He is an international expert in AI in HR.

Vincent Belliveau, Chief Executive, EMEA

Vincent is responsible for overseeing all of Cornerstone's European operations including sales and marketing, implementation, services, and support. Vincent is passionate about AI innovation making business impact – from combatting discrimination to restoring workforce stability, inciting productivity, and creating resiliency.

José Rodriguez, Chief Data Protection Officer

José is responsible for protecting the personal data of Cornerstone's 75+ million users worldwide. José is passionate about AI and has a professional thesis at HEC on AI compliance with GDPR. His team motto is “We protect the data to protect the people.”

Asif Qamar, Chief Analytics Architect

As the Chief Analytics Architect for Cornerstone, Asif leverages his deep experience in machine learning and data analytics to lead cohesive and talented teams as they craft architecture, implement R&D, conduct prototyping, and ultimately, bring creative, innovative ideas to life.

Chandar Lakshminarayan, Director, Data Science

For the past decade, Chandar has focused on applying machine learning and statistical techniques to build predictive models for the employee workforce. He joined Cornerstone from Evolv, and prior to that, worked in academics, fundamental and applied research, application development and maintenance, service delivery management, and product development.

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Learn about the true potential of AI in HR

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Technology plus people can change the world. Let AI work for you.

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