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AUSY Technologies ensures your success from deployment through user adoption Go-Live of the Cornerstone platform and helps maximize your growth afterwards

Certified Partner for Implementation, Integration services and much more!

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About the alliance

AUSY Technologies is an established and fully certified Cornerstone partner since May 2014. Within this partnership, AUSY Technologies has implemented and integrated the Cornerstone platform for numerous clients, whereas the most notable reference the implementation of an international Talent Management system for one of the leading car manufacturer’s dealer network is, including complex global technical projects and rollouts for more than 300.000 active users.

AUSY Technologies has a talented pool of highly skilled Business Implementation and Technical Integration Consultants.

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Partner segments

  • Services
  • Learning
  • Recruiting
  • Performance
  • HR
  • Extended Enterprise
  • Edge
  • All verticals
  • North America
  • Europe, Middle East & Africa
  • Latin America
  • Asia Pacific & Japan

Partner features

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About Ausy

Ausy is a leading IT project service provider that, as an agile enabler, increases the efficiency and competitiveness of well-known companies through individualized software solutions and IT consulting.

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