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Training a Nationwide Dealer Network

Case Study

Training a Nationwide Dealer Network

"We’ve become change agents in the company because of the reporting available through Cornerstone Learning."
Larry Wecsler
Staff Vice President, Organizational Learning, MetroPCS Communications, Inc

MetroPCS Communications is one of the nation’s leading providers of flat-rate, no-annual-contract, unlimited wireless communications service. MetroPCS operates more than 150 company-owned stores, and approximately 4,500 independent authorized dealer locations (“doors”).

For MetroPCS, a lack of one-on-one contact with the thousands of employees hired directly by the dealer doors made it difficult to provide timely, relevant training. While the company operated an online university designed to give sales associates access to product, rate plan, and selling skills information, the learning management system (LMS) used to create and run the university was both unreliable and limited in its functionality. Even worse, the online university vendor’s customer service was woefully inadequate, and as the system lacked a way to identify end users, MetroPCS couldn’t reliably track which associates were accessing and completing training and how training was affecting sales.

Why Cornerstone

According to Larry Wecsler, staff vice president of organizational learning, “We had a problem, a very big problem, and we were looking for a solution. That’s what led us to Cornerstone OnDemand.” Wecsler’s team was immediately drawn to the Cornerstone solution’s robust reporting capabilities, intuitive end-user experience, and the ability to customize the look and feel of the training platform. The team was also impressed by Cornerstone’s focus on customer service. “From the beginning, we were very pleased with the close working relationship Cornerstone’s salesperson and solutions consultant cultivated with our sevenmember project team.”

MetroPCS invested in Extended Enterprise in 2011, just one month after their initial inquiry. Wecsler’s team leapt into action, working closely with Cornerstone to manage configuration. Cornerstone’s hands-on approach was a critical factor in customizing the system to meet MetroPCS’ tracking and reporting requirements. When MetroPCS needed a means of running reports related to courses taken, Cornerstone quickly devised a way to incorporate data on a daily basis from a prepared list of all dealer doors and a key component in the self-registration process.


Enhanced talent readiness. With the launch of the new Cornerstone-powered Metro University in August 2011, sales associates gained immediate access to 80 dynamic online courses. Within five months, the number of courses taken skyrocketed, from just under 14,700 in December 2011 to more than 48,000 in April 2012. According to Wecsler, “The importance of dealer training cannot be overstated. The only way we can efficiently and effectively train a majority of the people who sell our phones is through our Metro University Cornerstone system.”

Greater productivity and profitability. Keeping dealers and sales associates trained on the latest technology and rate plans is key to driving sales in each MetroPCS location, and the ability to instantly push training out to each dealer door via Metro University helps boost profits—without disrupting the daily work flow of the store. “With Cornerstone Learning, we’ve accelerated the onboarding of new sales associates,” said Wecsler. “We’ve shortened the learning curve and made them more productive in less time.”

Improved reporting capabilities. From monthly executive summary reports to data on the top 10 training titles, Cornerstone Learning makes it easy for MetroPCS to track all training activities. Perhaps most critical is the “zero door report,” a tool that tells, down to the store level, how many people participated in training during a given month. Such tools enable MetroPCS to draw a powerful correlation between the number of trainings taken and each store’s sales. “We have become change agents in the company because of the reporting available through Cornerstone Learning,” said Wecsler. “Our executives can see on a regional basis which dealers and which stores are taking training and how that relates to sales. That’s a powerful capability.

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