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5 Workplace skills to add during #OnlineLearningWeek


5 Workplace skills to add during #OnlineLearningWeek

AUGUST 29, 2018

It's time to kickstart a productive fall season. Online Learning Week (#OnlineLearningWeek) is taking place on September 10-14 this year, and will serve as an opportunity for employees to get serious about learning and development. During this time, workers can gain new knowledge, improve existing workplace skills and close the ever-widening skills gap with targeted elearning content.

The aforementioned skills gap, according to McKinsey, is negatively affecting employeesand businesses everywhere—nearly 40 percent of American companies can't find people with the workplace skills they need for jobs, and about 60 percent complain about a lack of prepared workers, even for entry-level positions.

But employees want to learn and be prepared for their jobs. According to Gallup's 2016 report on "How Millennials Want to Work and Live", 59 percent of millennials say opportunities for career growth are extremely important to them in a job. Why? Because learning gives employees a competitive edge, helps them stay engaged, contributes to their productivity and allows them to move up in their companies and careers in general.

Give your workers what they crave—during #OnlineLearningWeek, encourage and empower your employees to gain these five types of workplace skills through your corporate elearning program.

1) Industry-Specific Skills

An employee can't move up or get promoted without learning industry-specific skills. For example, a sales assistant can only lead the sales department after mastering the basics, and gaining skills that extend beyond her job description. Courses like CyberU's “Sales 101: Appointment Making and Handling Objections," or “Negotiation Styles" from Grovo can help her solidify basic knowledge, and learn new tips and tricks.

Employees can make the most of their time with short bursts of content (microcontent), or take deep dives with longer, 20-minute long course. Their preference will depend on their personalized learning style, and how much time or attention they can devote to their courses.

2) Office Productivity Skills

Office productivity skills are critical for every employee in every department. Show them how they can be more productive with classes like “Organize Your Inbox in 60 Seconds" from Grovo, or “Focused Productivity" from CyberU.

Technology is designed to help workers be more productive, assuming they know how to leverage all of its capabilities. Even individuals well-versed in Google Apps or Office 365 may not know all the tools' ins and outs, so encourage them to learn more.

3) Creative Problem-Solving Skills

According to a World Economic Forum study, leaders predict that in 2020, complex problem solving and creativity will be among the top most required skills in the workforce.

Combine both of these and urge your workers to pick up some creative problem-solving skills through your elearning content. Consider courses like Grovo's “Solve Any Problem" or LearnSmart's “Critical Thinking and Problem Solving" to get started.

4) Health and Wellness Skills

Happy employees are 12 percent more productive, according to Fast Company. How do you promote employee happiness? Custom health and wellness eLearning content is one way to inspire it.

Deliver courses on mindfulness like MicroLearn's “Relaxation Video Plus," or “Work Hacks: 5 Hacks for Workplace Sanity," and “Happiness at Work - Stress Less" from CyberU. Investing in your employees' health and wellness will make them happier and more engaged, and contribute to your bottom line.

5) Career Growth Skills

You know your employees want to better themselves and rise up the corporate ladder, so give them the resources that they'll need to achieve their goals. Enable them to work towards key career milestones through personalized learning courses on moving up, like “Why We Do What We Do," a TED Talk from motivational speaker Tony Robbins, and the CyberU's class “Maintaining Your Passion & Drive."

Online Learning Week is an exciting time to encourage learning at your organization. Employees are going to be more engaged, motivated and excited about their jobs and careers with some informative and enjoyable learning. Make the most of it this year.

Explore Cornerstone On Demand's new learning portal for #OnlineLearningWeek. It features the courses mentioned above and more, so your employees can have a productive, engaging and inspiring Online Learning Week this year.

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