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Artificial intelligence and personalized learning


Artificial intelligence and personalized learning

MARCH 01, 2018

Every time we use our phones, our data is being collected. Whenever we're driving in our connected cars, data sensors are picking up our every move. Whether we're using our computers, tablets, smart watches, wearable devices or any other internet-enabled gadgets, we are generating tons of data, and now our companies can use it to their advantage.

Consumer facing companies, think Netflix and Spotify, have become experts at using data to provide personalized content, advertising and product recommendations that appeal to their customers, and encourage them to follow their brand, subscribe to their marketing emails or buy their product. Now, at a time when the consumer experience is becoming increasingly personalized, organizations need to do the same with their learning and development programs.

By honing in on personalized learning through content curation tools, companies can improve the learning experience for employees and reap the benefits.

Making the Shift Towards Learner Personalization

More than ever, businesses are using artificial intelligence to automatically produce detailed, personalized learning content that fits their employees' individual interests and needs.

According to the 2017 L&D (Learning and Development) Global Sentiment Survey, learner personalization was the top-voted trend among organizations. And, according to Bertrand Dussert, vice president of human capital management transformation at Oracle, many large companies are now using personalized learning.

This is likely because traditional learning delivery techniques that involve the instructor disseminating information to every employee at the same pace are expensive, dull and not conducive to retention, Dussert told the Society for Human Resource Management.

It's clear that in 2017 and beyond, a personalized learning strategy is critical to an organization's success. Here's why.

Employees Will Be More Engaged With Learning

Personalized learning and development uses data collection and artificial intelligence to serve up relevant recommendations based on an employee's profile and specific interests. The technology uses data such as an employee's performance rating, position, competency level, lifecycle stage, retention rate, promotion rate and learning record to serve up content that is relevant and valuable.

Relevant content equals more engaged employees, and engagement is crucial. When engagement is low—according to a Gallup poll, 51 percent of U.S. employees are not engaged, and 16 percent are actively disengaged—companies have to work extra hard to retain and inspire them.

But, if employees start seeing learning content that relates to where they are in their careers, and is taught in a way that enables them to retain it, they'll likely become more interested in what they're learning, and get excited about applying it to their daily work.

Employee's' Performance Will Improve

A personalized learning and development program will boost employee engagement and will, in turn, accelerate their productivity and performance.

Artificial intelligence will uncover how employees learn best by collecting data on their progress with coursework. For example, are they still in the onboarding phase, or have they been at the organization long enough that they don't need simple things explained? Machine learning can also determine an employee's learning style, be it a preference for written or visual content.

With a personalized learning experience program, employees will actually retain what you've taught them. This can only lead to an improved overall performance.

Company Loyalty Will Grow

The modern worker is always looking for opportunities to develop their skills and grow in their current positions in an effort to propel their careers forward.

Learner personalization gives employees the tools to learn as much as they want, as fast as they want, preventing them from developing the itch to move on to other opportunities. Overall, learning satisfaction leads to higher-skilled, happier workers that are more likely to remain loyal to the company.

Do you want to deliver personalized content to your employees and reap the benefits? Then tap into Cornerstone's Learning Management System and learn all about the new Learner Experience Platform today.

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