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Get the most out of your online learning platform


Get the most out of your online learning platform

FEBRUARY 28, 2018

In the digital age, online learning is one of the best resources for employee education. Online learning platforms enable organizations to easily manage and update content, provide employees with access to professional knowledge or certifications and create a more effective learning experience.

But how can organizations ensure that employees are actually learning from these tools, rather than just going through the motions? It all comes down to employee engagement—83 percent of HR professionals say employee experience is key to organizational success.

By providing programs that are easily and constantly assessable, corporate learning platforms can help organizations build a strong learning culture, increase retention numbers and achieve business goals.

Cornerstone's online learning platform, for example, works to increase employee engagement through learning communities, which create a culture of social learning and encourage employees to collaborate with colleagues.

Here are five other ways organizations can maximize the effectiveness of online learning platforms.

1) Cultivate Engaging Content

The goal of any digital learning platform is to not only keep users engaged while they are learning, but to also keep them coming back. This is where curated content shines. The advantage of modern learning platforms is that they are able to aggregate and deliver both internal and external content, which gives learners more options. Outside content within Cornerstone's solution, for instance, is available in multiple languages, modalities and delivery modes and is easily integrated and delivered.

Thanks to elearning platforms, learning and development (L&D) professionals no longer have to bear the responsibility of content creation. That leaves them to focus on other aspects of the learning experience, such as how to offer content in formats and styles that exist outside of a traditional LMS, including TED talks, mircolearning how-to videos or discussion forums that generate and maintain interest among employees. Modern learning platforms can also drive learner engagement by enabling employees to curate content themselves through playlists.

2) Keep It Short

Because employees only have about 20 minutes per week to dedicate to learning, it's important to keep lessons short and sweet. Microlearning®, or bite-sized, timely and highly-specific training, is on the rise with 41 percent of talent development professionals planning to use it within the next year. By keeping lessons short, relevant and highly visual, microlearning can help increase engagement and information retention rates.

3) Focus on Flexibility

Digital learning platforms take education out of a confined classroom and offer the flexibility of on-demand and self-paced learning. If employees can access training whenever and however they want, they will be more likely to successfully complete it. An assessable and flexible corporate learning platform should allow employees to access learning on a variety of digital platforms, including tablets and mobile devices.

4) Establish Clear Context

To keep online learning platform use consistent, employees must understand why they're completing the training in the first place. Will a particular lesson help them learn how to use a new technology system, put them on track for a promotion or gain a deeper understanding of company culture? Clearly defining learning goals, objectives and requirements will help employees understand why the material they're learning is valuable, and keep them coming back for more.

5) Provide Structure

One of the benefits of digital learning is that employees can take courses when it's necessary, rather than having to follow a traditional route that requires courses to be completed at specific points in time. But that doesn't mean that programs shouldn't be structured at all.

Online learning platforms enable employees to learn at their own pace, but there should be mechanisms in place to ensure that they are actually absorbing the material. Organizing discussion groups or on-the-job practice, for example, are just a few ways to engage and motivate employees, as well as check for understanding.

Looking to make the most of your online learning platform? Find out more about how Cornerstone's online learning platform moves beyond the traditional LMS.

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