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How compliance training can improve workplace culture


How compliance training can improve workplace culture

JULY 26, 2019

More often than not, HR professionals prioritize hiring, onboarding and talent management over compliance training. They see these priorities as easier and more effective ways to create healthy, engaging and productive company cultures. But what many HR professionals don’t realize is that compliance training programs and strong company culture are inextricably connected.

Compliance programs actually help create better company culture, and they shouldn’t be ignored (or left for last). A recent survey by Gartner explored the importance of company culture in compliance initiatives and found that employees in positive company cultures are 90% less likely to observe misconduct. In fact, the survey even discovered that 69% of employees in strong climates displayed more trust in their colleagues. If a company’s culture includes compliance, you’re more likely to observe a healthier work environment.

So how should companies build this ideal workplace compliance environment? According to that same survey, employers do so by educating employees about ethical behavior, being consistent in their messaging when communicating about ethical behavior and enabling employees to engage with one another about positive ethical behavior. If these steps are taken, team members across the board are more likely to be incentivized to integrate compliance into their everyday workplace.

Town & Country Markets, an independently-owned grocery store chain in the Pacific Northwest, is one example of how these compliance training programs can help create healthy work environments. With the help of Cornerstone’s Modern Compliance training courses, Town & Country Markets was able to mitigate risk, meet industry standards and maintain a safe work environment while boosting company culture and overall happiness.

Compliance that delivers learning in a snap

Using Cornerstone’s Modern Compliance Microlearning content, Town & Country Markets keeps all of its employees informed. Not only do the courses teach better compliance practices, but they are offered to everyone at Town & Country, from associate to manager. For instance, Town & Country used Cornerstone courses like “What Sexual Harassment Really Looks Like” to demonstrate to their employees what they consider to be inappropriate behavior in the workplace. They also included courses on diversity and inclusion, like Cornerstone’s “The Small Exclusions That Happen in a Noninclusive Culture” and “How Do I Identify My Biases?” Learnings like these delineate for employees what is required in order to create an inclusive workplace culture as well as what Town & Country expects their workplaces to look and feel like. All of these courses are available and easily accessible for any employee looking to learn. And, because of the courses’ consistent messaging and voice, they ensure that every employee is on the same page.

Compliance as a culture

Town & Country wanted to create a compliance program that was more than a series of semi-annual, mandatory and disjointed training sessions. The company built out a more thoughtful compliance program that isn’t thought of as a requirement but rather a reinforcement of the company’s core values, including service, diversity and environmental stewardship. Their compliance program includes a formal ‘values document,’ which is shared with all of their employees. The document includes everything from the company’s values surrounding diversity and inclusion in the workplace to their promise of continued employee knowledge and development. By taking this value-driven approach, the Town & Country team created a holistic compliance program with consistent messaging that can grow and respond to every employee’s needs.

Compliance that is clear and consistent

From the corporate suite to the newly hired cashier, workplace compliance is a responsibility for every employee at Town & Country Markets. Using courses from Cornerstone’s Learning Suite, Town & Country presents clear and consistent expectations for every employee. This uniformity has not only resulted in a safer work environment, but it has sparked an increase in employee collaboration and engagement that makes Town & Country Markets a better and smarter place to work.

Want to learn more about how Cornerstone’s products can improve compliance at your organization? Check out Cornerstone’s Learning Suite.

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