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Learning experience platforms help the employee experience


Learning experience platforms help the employee experience

DECEMBER 21, 2018

Back when Baby Boomers were leading the workforce, careers were linear. Employees would start off as interns or assistants and make their way up the career ladder at one company until they eventually became managers, presidents and maybe even CEOs.

Today, things are different. As millennials begin to dominate the U.S. workforce, career paths tend to be nonlinear. Millennials switch jobs an average of four times in their first decade post-college. In comparison, Boomers made only two job changes in same timeframe.

As nonlinear becomes the new norm, employers need to adapt. How? Offer employees tools to build their own career paths within the organization, instead of hopping elsewhere to do so.

Here are some ways in which a learning experience platform (LXP) can help you improve the employee experience—and empower your workers along the way.

Give employees growth options

Employees may know where they want to go with their careers, but not know how to get there. Or, perhaps they aren't even sure what path to take. The first step in helping employees with their often nonlinear journeys involves giving them access to career path options and showing them how they can reach their career goals.

A learning experience platform can do just that. With an LXP, employees are able to view the paths available to them and what they need to learn in order to get there. It can also enable them to connect with the right managers and team members to determine if they'd like to take on a new position or learn new skills. With an LXP, they can learn more about prospective jobs and if they're right for them. An LXP is a win-win for employees and employers—employees have a better learning experience, while employers get more engaged workers in return.

Create career development plans

Once employees can see their options, they can then work with managers to create career development plans. With an LXP, employees are able to create a path that includes courses they need to take in order to advance and build a completion schedule. They can talk to managers through the platform and have regular check-ins to track how the plan is unfolding. Employees can also communicate with co-workers and ask them what skills they developed or courses they took to get to where they are. Co-workers can then share courses or curated learning playlists to build upon their skills.

Provide access to personalized learning

A key part of a positive employee experience is personalized learning, because it gives employees the opportunity to take advancement into their own hands and push themselves. A learning experience platform empowers them to do just that. It provides personalized learning based on employee profile attributes and interests, as well as historical training. Employees can also prompt the platform to generate the courses most relevant to their career paths using machine learning. Plus, an LXP also offers learning-on-the-go through a mobile app, so employees can take courses during their commute or on the weekends.

An LXP is the way of the future when it comes to corporate learning and the employee experience. Set your workers up for success today.

If you want to help your employees with build a career path and have a more engaged and productive team, learn more about Cornerstone On Demand's performance management system software.

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