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Why your campus recruiting strategy needs to be mobile-first


Why your campus recruiting strategy needs to be mobile-first

AUGUST 21, 2017

In 2016, 1.9 million students graduated from college in the United States, and that number continues to grow as more Americans attend college now than ever before.

Every year, before students leave school, companies go to campus recruiting events to try and seek out the best and brightest potential candidates. Since there are so many potential employees—perhaps hundreds or even thousands apply for just a few positions—HR recruiting staff need to utilize a mobile-first recruiting solution. It keeps the interview and hiring process as seamless as possible for both the candidates and the companies.

Meet potential candidates where they are

On the candidate side, younger people prefer to use their mobile devices to apply for jobs and track their application progress. According to Entrepreneur and a study from Kelton Global, 80 percent of job seekers expect to be able to look for jobs on their phones, while 54 percent said that they have utilized a mobile device in their job search. In addition, according to Indeed Hiring Lab, 73.4 percent of millennials click on jobs from their mobile devices.

If companies want to connect with talented college graduates and provide them with a superb candidate experience, they are going to have to meet them on their level with mobile-friendly recruiting tools. Millennials and younger generations are going to take their mobile devices to campus recruiting events and use them throughout the job search and application journey.

On the talent acquisition side, HR recruiting teams benefit from mobile-first recruiting tools in a number of ways, including the following.

Save time by allowing for self-service interviews

On average, through a campus recruiting event or otherwise, 250 people will apply for a job opening, according to ERE. After reviewing all the resumes received, HR recruiting team members then have to go through and schedule interviews with candidates. This back-and-forth process is time consuming and tedious.

An event recruiting solution can eliminate this by letting candidates schedule their interviews through a self-service option. Before or after the campus recruiting fair, they log on, find a time that works for them and the recruiter and sign up with the click of a button.

Create branded career sites for each event or university

According to LinkedIn Talent Solutions, 72 percent of active candidates have viewed a business' career website. When candidates log onto your website, 94 percent of them expect to see current job openings, 72 percent want to view a description of the company's culture, 61 percent want company history, 56 percent crave benefits information and 45 percent want employee profiles.

A campus recruiting solution will make it easy for companies to established branded websites for each college they visit or event they hold. Students can log onto the website, see personalized messages about their school or event and start their application process right away.

Use task management to simplify work

Preparing for, attending and following up on campus recruiting events is extremely time-consuming. HR recruiting teams have to coordinate who from the company is going to attend, what their messaging will be, how many candidates they aim to recruit and much more.

Recruiting tools allow these professionals to simplify the process all from one dashboard. Recruiters can easily cross-collaborate with colleagues to coordinate plans, see how many people have applied for positions, view the status of job applications and figure out tasks that need to be completed before, during and after the campus recruiting event. HR teams no longer have to waste time sending multiple emails, creating spreadsheets and tracking paper records with this recruiting solution.

Get started with campus recruiting tools

There are many excellent candidates out there at the nation's universities and so little time to manage all of them. With the help of a campus recruiting solution, HR can eradicate arduous tasks and get back to focusing on what they do best, which is finding the top employees for their organizations.

Interested in improving your campus recruiting efforts? Learn more about Cornerstone's Event Recruiting product.

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