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Cornerstone Performance

Motivate your people to perform their best through continuous feedback and development

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A robust, development-led solution for traditional and continuous performance management

Align your people to strategic organization goals

Go beyond the traditional “set-and-forget” goal setting to help your people create collaborative goals that you can track, evaluate, and align to your company’s strategic initiatives.

Foster continuous coaching and feedback

Build a culture of continuous feedback between managers and employees. Set up frequent check-in conversations to ensure alignment and track progress towards their goals.

Customize review schedules that evolve with your needs

From annual to off-cycle performance reviews, customize your appraisals as needed to reflect on past accomplishments and improve future results.

Drive continuous performance development

Improve skills and outcomes by providing clear development plans that are personalized based on employees' unique interests and skill set.

Real-time performance evaluation on the job

Easily observe, record, and assess skills in the field and in-the-moment to determine and track employee competency.

Recognize and reward your people

Encourage a culture of collaboration and high performance through employee recognition by awarding badges to celebrate the achievements of deserving employees.

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