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What makes Cornerstone different?

The learning leader

Trusted industry analysts and customers around the globe agree that Cornerstone is the #1 learning management system.

Built to scale

Helps you solve what your business needs today but is ready and able to help you solve the needs of tomorrow too.

Unified talent management

From hire to retire, bring every disparate solution and siloed system under one roof because it's just way easier that way.

Reliable service and support

Our streamlined implementation gets you up and running fast, and our continued support means you stay that way.

A learning culture catalyst

Cornerstone content subscriptions offer a robust library of modern training courses to inspire a culture of always learning.

What makes Cornerstone the #1 solution for SMB?

When evaluating people management providers, make sure you’re choosing a partner with the right product features, leadership, service, support, and ability to grow with your business.

CornerstoneOther Solutions
Look for a solution that’s not a “dead end” (i.e. only addresses one part of the talent journey). Make sure the solution you choose can grow with you as your business needs evolve.
We’ve been the #1 leader in Learning, year over year. The world’s most respected analysts agree that Cornerstone is the learning company you can rely on. See our rankings here.
Typically a long and complicated process, we didn’t want implementation to slow down you or the thousands of companies that have switched to us, so our experts configure up to 70 percent of the system for you!
Our family of various content subscriptions are curated, top-tier content specifically built for every employee at your small business. Libraries include how to build professional, leadership, management, and compliance skills.
A solution is most impactful when it can reveal insights that lead to smart business decisions. We help you collect, organize, and process the data you need to make strategic business decisions.
To give you the right level of support any time you need it, we revamped our support offerings and built a robust, worldwide online community of peers you can connect with and learn.
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A recent study from leading industry analyst firm Forrester finds a return of investment of 220 percent for customers who purchase Cornerstone.

Our customers trust us

Hear what companies who switched to Cornerstone say

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