Behind the scenes of Cornerstone’s bold new vision to power the future ready workforce

Behind the scenes of Cornerstone’s bold new vision to power the future ready workforce

1 March 2019

Behind the scenes of Cornerstone’s bold new vision to power the future ready workforce

Theresa Damato

Chief Marketing Officer

Brand, schmand. This isn’t about a new logo, though you’ll notice we have one. It isn’t about a new purpose because, for over 20 years, we’ve been obsessed with helping people realise their potential and achieve extraordinary things.

This is about the “never normal again” workplace and Cornerstone’s unwavering focus on blazing trails in learning and talent innovation and helping our customers meet the future, ready.

The time is now (to rethink the way we work)

We all know the future of work is upon us. It’s an environment of unrelenting business transformation and tectonic shifts in the way we work. And it’s a time of dramatic change for people. The lines between work and life have now been erased, and more than ever, we’re looking to our organisations for a sense of stability, community and purpose.

And as humans, we’re in a mode of deep self-reflection. We’re all taking this moment to reassess our paths and reinvent who we are, who we want to be and where we want to go.

This future demands more agility, resilience and alignment as priorities change, skills advance, and goals evolve. It requires a significant shift in organisational mindset as we partner together to build deeper connections with each other and rally around a shared sense of purpose and community. It requires that every one of us be more empowered to develop, grow and engage in ways that are so uniquely personal.

That’s some heady stuff. And it’s why at Cornerstone, we knew we had to think differently. And that’s the genesis of not just our audacious new look but our bold new vision to power the future ready workforce, too.

Rethinking how we work is about a fundamental shift to a more human approach to work, and we believe talent leaders are central to making that happen.

The rise of the modern talent leader

If there was ever any question of the importance of talent leaders within our organisations, that debate is now over. The dramatic disruptions in work over the past 18 months have catapulted talent leaders into the spotlight, expanding their influence across organisations and championing the shift to “back to human” models that re-focus on people.

Today’s talent leaders hold the golden thread — they connect people with new growth opportunities and align business goals with a larger purpose to help their organisations achieve extraordinary success together.

And for talent leaders to create inspired, aligned and successful workforces, Cornerstone knew they needed more than another disjointed piece of technology in their toolkit. We knew this was our opportunity to empower talent leaders — not just with technology iteration but with a leapfrog vision to reimagine the work environment.

That new work environment is a place where everyone shares a common language of success, every individual has the flexibility to create a growth plan as unique as they are and everyone can work with more autonomy, freedom, creativity and agility than ever before.

To make work a place that works for everyone.

Experience how Cornerstone can help your organisation unite people growth with business success to create work environments that inspire growth, productivity and success for all.

Delivering a new system of work

For more than 20 years, Cornerstone has been the leader in people development. So we knew one thing for certain — the future of work requires a new system of work.

Along with our new brand, we’ve designed that new system of work. It’s an environment that embraces each person’s unique needs and goals, unites everyone in a shared language of growth and success and creates more freedom and agility in the way we work — no matter who we are, where we work or how work gets done.

And this is why we’re so excited to announce the launch of Cornerstone Xplor.

In the most meta scenario ever, we concepted, designed and launched Cornerstone Xplor with an incredibly diverse, distributed team. All working remotely, in the middle of a pandemic, during a period of intensive business transformation for our organisation collectively, but also for our people — and this is the exact environment this solution intends to serve.

This is what makes Cornerstone Xplor more than a new product offering. It’s the first manifestation of our bold new vision to revolutionise how people and teams learn, grow, connect and thrive in this new world of work.

Learn how you can use Cornerstone Xplor to motivate your people with a personalised, purpose-driven growth experience that inspires.

A unified growth experience for people

Cornerstone Xplor brings every element of people growth into one single destination to deliver a truly unified growth experience for people. We created it to help talent leaders with the use cases that matter most:

  • Modernising their learning and development experience
  • Delivering the most relevant content from anywhere to their people
  • Accelerating career and talent mobility
  • Establishing skills as the universal language of growth and success across the organisation

Cornerstone Xplor is powered by the deep expertise and innovation that can only come from the global leader in talent. To deliver such highly personalised, deeply connected growth experiences, we tapped into the serious talent intelligence and technology horsepower we’ve already got under the hood, like:

  • The broadest talent management capabilities
  • The deepest skills intelligence
  • The best of curated content delivery
  • Purpose-built AI that brings together skills, content and people data in exciting new ways
  • An innovative architecture that improves connectivity, efficiency and scale

It’s all here at Cornerstone.

Join us on the journey to rebuild work

We’re obsessed with helping our customers unite people and business success and meet the future, ready.

Is this statement bold, daring and disruptive? Sure. But that’s what Cornerstone is all about, it’s what our new vision for innovation is all about and it’s what our new brand is all about. We also think it’s what our customers are all about, too. And we’re excited to take this journey with all of you!