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A Prescription for Employee Mental Well-Being

During this panel discussion, we will explore the 5 essentials for Workplace Mental Health & Well-Being recently issued by the U.S. Surgeon’s General Report. Our panelists will be Cornerstone’s Chief People Officer – Carina Cortez, and Clinical Psychologist and Executive Coach – Marie Ciavarella, PsyD. Participants will walk away with best practices at an organizational level – processes, policies, programs, systems, and how leaders can address mental health and wellness one employee at a time. Carina will share Cornerstone’s own practices in this space, while Marie will share her deep experience and expertise working with individual leaders.

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Upping the game across the entire end-to-end employee experience au

Customer Story

Upping the game across the entire end-to-end employee experience au

The myCareer team in the NSW Department of Customer Service (DCS) is the creator, administrator and proud guardian of a platform providing People & Culture support to seven diverse ‘clusters’ of government agencies — each with its own unique interface and expectations. From a starting point of multiple, unintegrated systems and time-consuming, error-prone manual processes, the team used Cornerstone to digitise the entire employee lifecycle — from finding and recruiting talent through onboarding, performance management, learning and offboarding.

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