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Are You Getting Ready to Upgrade Your Talent Management Programmes?
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23rd February 2023 | 10am GMT

Join Cornerstars Luke Hicks, Dominic Holmes and Ben Murphy for a check in on the current economic climate for businesses at the tipping point of growth, where digital talent transformation is on your radar. Whether you are looking at maturing your L&D programme or need to re-evaluate your performance management strategy, join this webinar to learn our recommendations for making the transition as smooth as possible.

Special Guest: Dominic Ashley-Timms, Notion STAR®

Listen in as author, business leader, management coach and Cornerstone client, Dominic Ashley-Timms from Notion STAR® talks with us about his Cornerstone experience and discusses his multi-award-winning Management Transformation Programme.

Register to learn:

  • Economic trends impacting Talent Management in the UK today
  • Our top tips for starting your digital transformation journey
  • What makes up a truly transformative management training programme

This is one not to be missed!

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Thriving in the Global Skills Shortage


Thriving in the Global Skills Shortage

The new realities of work are creating long-term impacts — good and bad — for your organisation and people. The organisations that aren't struggling to navigate this uncharted wilderness succeed because they focus on developing the skills of their people.

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