Talent Management Vendor Evaluation Checklist

Whether youre choosing a talent management solution for the first time or making the switch from a vendor that just didnt work, investigating various vendors and evaluating which one is right for your business is a daunting task. And its important to find a partner thats not just right for you today, but also in the future as your business grows and changes. To help make your decision, weve broken out the four most important areas to investigate.

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Who cares about employee experience - a webinar with Ben Whitter

Blog Post

Who cares about employee experience - a webinar with Ben Whitter

Employee experience once came down solely to a desk, office space, and possibly some free cake at the coffee station. This has completely transformed in recent years, the initial catalyst being the pandemic. The mass exodus from the workplace forced employers to rethink the employee experience (EX), as keeping morale high and workers connected to each other was paramount. However, even in the aftermath of Covid-19, the EX has continued to evolve.

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