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Connect Live LA: Where community and customer centricity unite

Anneliese Delgado-Cate

Senior Manager, Content Marketing

Enthusiastic head nodding was a common sight at Connect Live LA. Whether it was from eagerness to hear more on a hot topic or show support for their peers, the conference brought like-minded HR professionals and talent leaders together to share, learn and grow. 

As its name suggests, Connect Live is an opportunity for our customers to forge meaningful connections with their peers, Cornerstone teams and our industry partners. The Los Angeles event was the first stop on this Connect Live world tour created to continue serving our global community and help our customers future-proof their organizations.

If you didn’t make it to this exciting event, or if you just want to re-live the magic, get the biggest highlights of Connect Live LA here.

Transforming the future of talent experiences

In his opening keynote, Cornerstone Chief Executive Officer Himanshu Palsule kicked off the day by sharing captivating stories about how customers were using Cornerstone to unleash the limitless potential of their people. Next, Chief Product Officer Karthik Suri took the stage to unveil AI-inspired innovations designed to help deliver engaging talent experiences and the outcomes that matter most to organizations.

Customers who attended Convergence in 2022 might remember Himanshu introducing the Cornerstone Talent Experience Platform, our AI-powered solutions that provide an end-to-end talent development experience while seamlessly connecting your people and your systems of work. The enthusiasm around TXP remained at peak levels a year later as Karthik gave the intrigued Connect Live LA crowd more insights into the power of TXP and what’s on the horizon over the next few months.

Swapping best practices in breakout sessions

One of the most significant benefits of attending Connect Live is the interactive knowledge sharing. Breakout sessions and user groups were the go-to spots for attendees to level up their knowledge and get answers from Cornerstone experts and each other.

In one mini workshop, attendees learned how to build a foundation for creating and growing a skills-based organization. For aspiring content connoisseurs, there was a session on how content discovery and curation drive next-generation L&D outcomes. For AI aficionados, a session on unleashing the power of AI to transform learning and talent experiences raptured attendees. And these were only a few of the many sessions throughout the event tackling the most pressing talent trends. 

Evaluating talent program health 

Connect Live LA attendees were among the first groups to hear the top takeaways and findings from our new Talent Health Index. This global research report defines the essential components of a complete talent program and reveals how to overcome the most pressing talent challenges. Global VP of Innovation Mike Bollinger explained where today’s employees want to up-level their skills development, how High-Performing Organizations develop their people and practical ways to improve the health of a talent program.

Attendees then had the opportunity to understand the health of their own talent programs by taking a free self-assessment. You can take the same self-assessment and see how your own talent program stacks up here.

Driving customer centricity never stops

Our deep commitment to customer centricity was the impetus of this conference and the common thread that wove every part of Connect Live LA together. “It's our responsibility and privilege to make every aspect of your journey with us extraordinary,” Chief Customer Officer Toya Del Valle said on the main stage.

She shared the advancements Cornerstone teams made across our customer support, success and service departments, as well as customer resources currently available and how to use them. Toya and the other executive team members also encouraged attendees to give them feedback between workshops, in Q&A sessions and during on-site meetings. That valued feedback inspires us to keep pushing boundaries in empowering organizations and shaping the future-ready workforce.

Continuing the connection

A Cornerstone conference can only be complete after some food and fun. Following an informative panel on AI and the evolution of learning, attendees finished the day by mingling and munching. The excitement and engagement were at an all-time high during this conference. And we’re bringing that same energy to Chicago, London and Paris as the Connect Live tour continues to unite our customers and HR communities around the world. The Cornerstone Connect Live experience has something for everyone!

We couldn’t have hosted such a great event if it wasn’t for our Connect Live sponsors. A special thanks to Bluewater, TiER1 Performance, eSkillz, Educe, goFLUENT and SAI360 for their partnership and support.

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