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Future of Work Requires a Connected Experience

Work is changing. Rapidly. Dramatic shifts in human skill sets are already underway, and the need for organizations to reset for growth is critical. At the same time people are seeking a career path and an opportunity to actually change their lives – to develop new skills, new careers, and to find acceptance, purpose and belonging.

The ability for your organization and people to respond quickly to changing and uncertain conditions is essential. And yet, traditional people management strategies aren’t keeping up. Nor are these strategies providing people the personalized work experience they crave.

Making matters worse, the sheer volume of competing HR systems and tools are creating more silos and more complexity. There is literally a tool for every problem you could ever imagine. Yet organizations are still struggling — to get scale in their employee value propositions, and to align their people to growth and transformation.

In this webinar, guest speaker David Johnson, principal analyst with Forrester Research, will discuss how to create a work experience that makes your people want to stay and grow with your organization. He’ll share how to identify systemic factors in current employee journeys that may be inhibiting the performance and growth of your people, and how to deliver individualized and self-driven experiences at scale.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Design a meaningful work experience aligned to organizational priorities
  • Enable and empower managers to coach for growth
  • Be intentional with reskilling
  • Use technology to deliver rather than shape your people management strategy

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How to use AI and skill intelligence to grow your people and organization

Webinar sob demanda

How to use AI and skill intelligence to grow your people and organization

Today, only 17% of organizations use AI-based solutions in their HR function, and only another 30% plan to do so by 2022. And yet, AI has the potential to increase HR scalability, recognize patterns in people’s behavior and offer personalized support where and when needed.

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