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Matchmaking for Employers and Candidates

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While online dating apps aim to help their romantically-inclined users find "the one," employers need an app or service that enables them to find not just "the one," but the many. Enter TheLadders, an online hiring app resembling the popular online dating app Tinder, that is designed to give recruiters and candidates alike the ability to quickly ascertain whether a candidate would be a good match for a position.

To get started, the recruiter must first download the app to their mobile device (Android or iOS) and create an account. Then the app takes basic information such as job title, skills, salary range, zip code and areas of expertise. The simple process, explains Alex Douzet, CEO and co-founder of, is what makes the app quick and easy to use.

Once recruiters have provided basic information, they can begin browsing candidate profiles. Much like the dating app Tinder, recruiters can swipe left to decline a candidate or right to place them in a queue that they can access later to contact the candidate. "It’s a very simple, very intuitive experience — I like to say that a five-year-old could recruit with it," says Douzet. "We've really streamlined the process."

The app also gives recruiters an easy way to begin contacting the candidates that they've selected by saving each chosen candidate's phone number and email. Through the app, recruiters can choose to call, text or email a candidate. The app also identifies who the recruiter has already contacted in order to prevent repeat-messaging. The app is free for both applicants and recruiters. "We're the only company in the world that has built a mobile network — a two-sided marketplace — between employers and professionals, where they can interact and nobody has to pay anything," says Douzet.

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