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New eeds Integration For Healthcare Workers Enables Learning Unbound

Christine Corning RN BSN

Director, Healthcare Vertical at Cornerstone OnDemand

Learning is an accelerator in virtually any industry, but nowhere is it more critical than in healthcare. Continuing education (CE) for healthcare providers can, quite literally, be a matter of life and death. According to the Institute for Health Care Improvement, CE is a vehicle for spreading best practices and improving patient outcomes. It’s vital for medical professionals to keep up with new medications, technologies and protocols to provide the best possible care.

As medical professionals continue to grow and gain their skills, however, a challenge they’ve historically grappled with is tracking all of their certifications, credits and progress reports. This disorganization is problematic because a lack of effective tracking and thorough transcripts can make it difficult to pinpoint areas of expertise and need for improvement.

But a new integration between eeds and the Cornerstone LMS is streamlining this process, and eliminating existing hurdles. Prior to this enhancement, healthcare organizations that actively relied on Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits had to toggle between different systems to view the full details of a learner's training and transcript. In line with Cornerstone’s evolution into a true hub for learning among healthcare organizations, however, the new integration provides a means of capturing these credits in one place—enabling total visibility.

Automating and Streamlining Credit Tracking with Cornerstone and eeds

At its core, eeds is an online CE tracking system that healthcare providers can use to compile CE transcripts, attendance certificates, record self-reported CE credits and even earn credits with point-of-care learning. For educators that use it, eeds is an intuitive platform packed with powerful features that eliminate paperwork and simplify accreditation processes to free up educators so they can focus on providing the best possible learning experiences.

And now, thanks to the new Cornerstone LMS integration, the experience of tracking continuing education through eeds is even more straightforward and devoid of common pain points.

"From talking with our customers, we’ve learned of several ways that integration with Cornerstone will assist end users. First, many organizations post all of their required education in the Cornerstone catalog but haven’t had an easy way to post their continuing medical education (CME)," Chad Kroll, CTO at eeds, explains. "With a click of a button in eeds, CME course information can be posted on Cornerstone so that learners only have to look in one spot to see the resources available to them." Plus, the integration allows CME credits earned in eeds to automatically flow into the learners’ transcript in Cornerstone.

For instance, let’s say a hospital schedules a weekly session of cardiology Grand Rounds. If a doctor wants to see the upcoming schedule, she searches for these rounds in the Cornerstone LMS, finds the event and clicks a link in the description to see the schedule for the event. On the day of the event, the doctor is able to sign into the session via the Eeds app or on the website. And, after she completes the various requirements for the course, such as an evaluation and post-test, her attendance data is sent to the Cornerstone LMS. The next day, the doctor can view her transcript with the event information in the LMS, along with her new certificate and training details—all in one system.

In addition to CME credits, there are other types of important information that can be attached to CE activities on providers’ transcripts, Kroll explains. He also notes that there are specific "classifications" in eeds to mark an event as relevant to a specific topic.

In Pennsylvania, for example, physicians are required to earn a certain number of CME credits related to "Patient Safety/Risk Management." That information is tracked in eeds and automatically sent to the learners’ transcript in Cornerstone. eeds also supports sending maintenance of certification (MOC) points to the learners’ transcript in Cornerstone—these are vital to many physicians for re-credentialing purposes.

"Ultimately, the benefit to learners is that they will have a one location where they can access all of their CME/CE information. The magic is that the credits will appear automatically in their Cornerstone account without any intervention at all," Kroll says.

For all users, having the ability to see all continuing education data in one seamless portal provides a more holistic approach to learning. And, through the tracking capabilities of the eeds and Cornerstone LMS integration, users will be able to identify high performers, assess capabilities and close skill gaps—all in an effort to empower their continued personal and career development.

Cornerstone LMS clients can learn more about the new integration with eeds here.

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