The Human Resource (HR) department of an organization is the group or individual that is responsible for managing the company's workforce. These people are the ones who hire, fire, train, assess, and reward all of the employees. HR managers are responsible for overseeing company culture and handling any cases of harassment or disputes within the company. Human resource professionals essentially handle everything relating to a company's greatest asset – the employees, and ensure they are working efficiently and that they are happy in their careers. Below you will find a large list of resources that include what the function of an HR professional is, training required to enter this field, and what skills someone should have when considering the HR industry.

1. Ten Reasons Why the Human Resources Department is Important

The HR department is crucial to the organization and effectiveness of a company.

2. Role and Importance of Human Resources

HR professionals need to be able to wear many different hats within an organization.

3. Why Human Resource Practices are Important

Most people know what sales, development, and marketing professionals do – what about HR?

4. Confidentiality: Liability: Why is confidentiality critical to human resources?

HR professionals need to be as secretive with employees as doctors are with their patients.

5. What Every CEO Needs to Know About HR

Even some of the higher-ups in a company don't know what HR does!

6. Human Resources Management: Producing Productive People

All the little things an HR professional does at their job, regardless of industry.

7. Is a Graduate Career in Human Resources Right for You?

If you're considering going to grad school for HR, here's what to expect.

8. Gender Equality in Human Resources for Health

How does gender inequality affect some HR practices?

9. Human Resource Management: Levels of Involvement

How many parts of your job does HR get involved in?

10. How Human Resources Fits into an Organization

What does HR do, and how does it affect every other job?

11. The Human Resources Function: An Overview

The history and tactics of HR professionals.

12. Human Resources Interviews

What a recruiter says his job is and isn't.

13. 10 Reasons Why the Human Resources Department and Its Performance Are Important

From interviewing potential candidates new employees to keeping the company's image protected, HR is needed.

14. Strategic Human Resource Management: What Does it Mean in Practice?

The art and science behind SHRM and why it exists.

15. Lessons for Human Resource Departments, From the Huffington Post

Where is the future of HR heading with the influx of technology and social media?

16. How Google Became the #3 Most Valuable Firm by Using People Analytics to Reinvent HR

How Google's success is redefining some HR practices.

17. What Can You do With This Major?

There are various career opportunities someone can do within the HR field.

18. Why HR Really Does Add Value

How HR benefits a company by adding real monetary value.

19. 6 Surprising Ways That Human Resources Can Help Your Career

HR can help you prevent larger problems, motivate you, and save you when needed.

20. Adding Value Through Human Resources: Reorientating Human Resource Measurement to Drive Business Performance

Why HR is important and how it can benefit you and a company.

21. How Does Human Resource Management Influence Organizational Outcomes?

A scientific approach on how mediating techniques can influence an organization.

22. HR: Your Friend or Your Foe?

The different ways employees will see HR professionals at their place of work.

23. Why Do People Hate Human Resources?

HR professionals sometimes receive a negative stigma – but they shouldn't.

24. Is Your HR Department Friend or Foe? Depends on Who's Asking the Question

Different people within a company will see the HR department differently.

25. HR Matters – What does Professionalism Mean to You?

HR Professionals are the ones setting the standards and implementing them.

26. Ethics and Human Resource Management

When do ethics play a role in HR management?

27. How to Become a Human Resources Professional

How to plan for college, career choices, and counseling in the HR field.

28. Corporate Social Responsibility: Implications for Human Resources and Talent Engagement

How HR managers and recruit and retain talent in the long-run of an organization.

29. What Does HR Look Like in the Office of the Future?

How will HR transform in time?

30. Human Resources Specialists

What HR professionals do, their work environment, and other parts of the job.

31. What Exactly is Human Resources?

Everything to expect from a career in HR.

32. How to Become Human Resources Certified?

The steps you need to take to become an HR professional.

33. I Want Your Job: Human Resources Executive

How to get started in HR, and what to do when you get the job.

34. 5 Possible Careers in HR

The different careers possible in HR and hope for the future.

35. Career: Human Resources Manager

A day in the life of an HR manager.

36. Top 10 Human Resources Job Skills Employers Want to See

The skills needed to get ahead in the HR field.

37. Everything You Need to Know About Human Resource Management

HR professionals will manage employees from hiring to them leaving.

38. How to Interview a Human Resource Professional

What questions should YOU expect to answer in an interview?

39. What HR People Won't Tell You About the Job Interviews

Interview dos and do-nots.

40. The 9 Essential Skills of Human Resources Management – How Many Do You Have?

The skills that any HR professionals should have to be the best at their job.