“We're seeing a massive savings in review cost per employee.”

Why PiiQ by Cornerstone

During the search for a new performance review tool, Gray was dismayed by how many systems were “too complicated and intense” for Cassin and Sons’ needs. “We have 14 employees, but I found systems that were built for corporations with hundreds of employees. We needed a simple solution that we could use without having to retrain people every three months. That’s when we found PiiQ by Cornerstone.”

For Cassin and Sons, the PiiQ platform would enable a quick implementation and require little to no training, while still enabling a highly visible, scalable performance review process. “PiiQ was such an easy solution from the start,” said Gray. “My account manager was very helpful during implementation, and we haven’t yet needed to use any of the extra support.”

Training and rollout were equally effortless. “I did a quick PowerPoint presentation on how to do self-reviews. It was so simple. I think even if I hadn’t done the presentation, they would have figured it out. It’s that easy.”

The Results

Increased visibility. With PiiQ, performance reporting is meaningful and relevant. “Previously, I had to extract employee review data from paper questionnaires and add it to Excel,” said Gray. “Today, the information is already there. With PiiQ’s analytics, I have insight into the entire team, instantly. I can see if we have a lot of underperformers and where they’re sitting in the company. I can see top performers, as well. And I know how the company is performing as a whole.”

Streamlined scheduling. Within PiiQ, Gray has streamlined and automated much of the review schedule. “I can schedule an entire year’s worth of dates at the beginning of the year. The ability to preset the schedule is a huge brainpower saver.”

Saved manager time. By using PiiQ, managers no longer waste precious hours chasing down employee questionnaires, while performance information is instantly accessible in real time. “PiiQ has made my whole life easier,” said Gray. “For companies that don’t have a review process in place, I recommend using PiiQ immediately. All the information you need is there. It’s a no brainer. For companies that do have a review process in place, I would say the same thing: Look at PiiQ by Cornerstone. It’s so simple and easy to use.”

Saved money by reducing hours spent on reviews by 98%. Switching from a paper-based performance review process to PiiQ has reduced time spent on paperwork by 98%. “We’re seeing a massive savings in review cost per employee. Prior to PiiQ, it would have taken me three hours every quarter to prepare reviews. Now it takes 15 minutes at the start of every year.”

For Cassin and Sons, cost reductions go beyond merely eliminating paperwork—and the labor costs associated with processing it. ”PiiQ is so affordable, it actually saves us money,” said Gray.



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