“The Cornerstone OnDemand system empowers our HR talent to contribute more value-added work.”

Why Cornerstone

“Cornerstone was highly regarded by market analysts and was very competitive cost-wise,” said Curry. “We were impressed by the system’s functionality as well as the way Cornerstone worked with us during the quoting process.” Ease of use was also a key factor in Federal-Mogul’s decision. “We wanted an uncomplicated solution. The Cornerstone application has the simplicity and intuitiveness of an Apple product or Word Press page.”

The platform’s clean interface also proved invaluable during implementation. “We went live before training anyone,” said Melinda Deuby. “The platform is very intuitive. Our global staff were able to start utilizing the system immediately with minimal customized support. For each of our core processes, we developed brief online tutorials and pushed them out to 10,000 employees globally using the Learning module.”

A week after launch, the company offered a boot camp designed to familiarize HR super-users with both the Cornerstone platform and talent management. Now, the HR super-users deliver their own localized training sessions to support user adoption globally.

The Results

Increased visibility and scale of HR initiatives. Every phase of the employee lifecycle is accessible with Cornerstone’s integrated solution, helping HR leaders spend less time gathering data and more time identifying opportunities for improvement. “When we complete talent reviews, we no longer manually gather and manipulate data. The Cornerstone OnDemand system empowers our HR talent to contribute more value-added work.” said Curry.

Eliminated administrative translation processes. Cornerstone’s multiple language capability helps Federal-Mogul reach thousands of employees in their native language. “This strengthens employee engagement while allowing HR to focus on the results intended by training,” said Deuby. “As a multi-national company that values the contribution of all global employees, the system allows us to reach each employee in a way that displays this value,” said Lynnette Vollink, director of Powertrain and corporate staffs for Federal-Mogul

Empowered employees through visible opportunities. “To support adoption, we encouraged employees to take advantage of the 200-plus online courses available and to populate the system with their resumes and goals,” said Deuby. Curry added, “Our internal marketing efforts promoted the system as a vehicle to support the growth of employees’ capabilities, show the impact of their contributions and achieve their career goals without having to leave the organization.”

Streamlined global communication. Prior to Cornerstone, coordinating sign-offs, reviews and training was time consuming. “We can touch 10,000 people quickly and easily now,” said Curry. “We can connect with leaders regarding performance management or deploy training to employees globally.”

Ensured functionality through client services. Cornerstone’s client success services team has been critical during both implementation and daily use. “Cornerstone worked through the configurations with us,” said Curry. “Relationships with our implementation consultant and account executive at Cornerstone are really strong. Instead of feeling ‘handled,’ we feel like the Cornerstone team is truly helping.”






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