“With Cornerstone Selection we are reducing absenteeism and attrition at the outset.”

Why Cornerstone

To streamline sourcing and improve new hire quality, Harte-Hanks implemented Cornerstone OnDemand's candidate evaluation solution, Cornerstone Selection. Harte-Hanks can now better screen, inform and review candidates from the outset - critical to reducing absenteeism and poor performance later.

Via Cornerstone Selection, candidates are given a preview of job responsibilities to determine skill and interest level based on real-life tasks. They are also evaluated on the personality traits known to correlate with productive call center performance: engagement, high levels of customer service and lower call times. Candidates are then given skills tests to ensure their ability to be successful in a call center environment.

"Cornerstone Selection is not just another staffing partner, but an ongoing partner to our business. They are as invested in our growth as we are," said Carolin Knobelspies, VP of contact center operations at Harte-Hanks. "They are the total package when it comes to sourcing, screening, testing and recommending high impact candidates."

The Results

Lowered attrition by 25%. To mitigate the risk of changing strategy mid-course, Harte-Hanks ran two hiring campaign simultaneously. The first campaign relied solely on Cornerstone Selection screening tools, the second on the staffing agency's expertise. After 30 days, attrition for Cornerstone Selection candidates was 35% lower than the agency's pool of candidates; at 90 days, attrition was 25% lower. Harte-Hanks also increased customer satisfaction scores and lowered training costs.

Reduced absenteeism and increased productivity. Candidates evaluated through Cornerstone Selection's three-step vetting process had 29% fewer hours of missed work, when compared to those hired by the staffing agency. Candidates were also more efficient , with average handle times 15% faster. According to Kristin Huber, HR business partner at Harte-Hanks, "The first place Selection helps is by making sure the candidate and Harte-Hanks are a good match. By improving the hiring process, we are reducing attrition at the outset."

Improved quality hires. With Cornerstone Selection, Harte-Hanks can evaluate candidates on more than just their obvious skills. The three-step process vets candidates on tangible and intangible qualities, resulting in qualified hires who fit with the company's workplace culture - key to improving engagement and retention. As result, performance is also higher. "Cornerstone Selection...helps us ensure continued high performance, making us more profitable and better able to provide high quality service," said Huber.

Gained powerful visibility into the hiring process. With the comprehensive reporting tools, Harte-Hanks gained powerful insights into their recruiting and hiring process. The company can now continually adjust outreach activities, further reducing time-to-hire and making better use of financial resources.




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