“Cornerstone gives access to tools that help us keep our people engaged and connected.”

Why Cornerstone

Relying on paper-based performance appraisals—and employing a retention strategy based on hope—wasn’t conducive to long-term planning or sustainability. When the national KIPP Foundation offered to provide Cornerstone OnDemand’s talent management software to KIPP Houston, the organization jumped at the opportunity and chose to implement the Performance and Learning Clouds.

KIPP Houston quickly realized that renovating their existing paper-based review process during the Cornerstone implementation would provide for the best long term approach. “We were trying to hold on to our previous way of doing things, which obviously wasn’t working well,” said Fimble. “We have since revised our process, and now the entire experience has been simplified and streamlined.”

The Results

Today KIPP Houston relies on Cornerstone OnDemand’s talent management suite to engage, develop, and retain top educators and leaders. From the beginning, the Performance Cloud has allowed administrators to manage employees more holistically. Goals, competency and skill gaps, training recommendations, and performance appraisals are now all in one, online location and instantly accessible. “Instead of a paper review coming across my desk once a year—and then disappearing into the file for another year—I can pull up any employee on the system and see the whole picture,” said Fimble.

Administrators can quickly evaluate which competencies are not being met, both for individuals and for the organization as a whole. As a result, talent management is no longer relegated to a once-a-year function. “Talent management is discussed often, and it’s integrated into our weekly check-ins,” said Fimble. “It’s woven itself into the fabric of the organization as opposed to being one more human resources task no one wants to do.”

By using the Succession module within the Performance Cloud, KIPP Houston now proactively plans for change by automating the gathering of data critical to developing succession scenarios. Prior to using Cornerstone’s talent management suite, administrators had to aggregate succession data manually, which left little time for analysis and planning. “Because the data is so easy to access, we now have time to have meaningful discussions about the data,” said Fimble. “Being able to have those discussions is priceless. We have two to three formal succession planning events a year, and they’re a breeze to produce.”

KIPP Houston relies on the Learning Cloud to address competencies and deliver training targeted to skill gaps. By using the Performance Cloud and the Learning Cloud integrated together, administrators can generate an individual development plan based on an employee’s 360° assessment. The plan includes recommended training or developmental activities accessible via the Learning Cloud. According to Fimble, “We’re very excited about using both modules from onboarding and development perspectives. This also helps us significantly with the compliance training we have to do each year.”

Cornerstone OnDemand gives KIPP access to tools that help keep employees engaged and connected. “In education, our turnover rate as an industry is pretty poor,” said Fimble. “We struggle with that, as well, and one of the things that differentiates us from traditional organizations is we’re committed to the development of our people. Developing the employee and working to retain them is our top mission.”

Fimble recommends Cornerstone OnDemand to other organizations seeking to improve development and retention. “The flexibility and configurability of the system means it can do pretty much whatever you want it to do, in a very thorough, sophisticated way or in a very simple way. Cornerstone also provides tremendous support and training to help you through the process. We’re very happy.”



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