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“The amount of time it takes to complete our application has decreased from 25 minutes to about 17 minutes.”

Why Cornerstone

In search for a new talent management solution, ResCare assembled a project team to manage the RFP process and vet possible vendors. In the end, only three companies were seen as viable talent management partners. "To stop the insanity that goes along with multiple platforms and vendor contacts, we were looking for a unified talent management solution. Our project team unanimously recommended Cornerstone OnDemand," said Tom Heetderks, vice president of human resources at ResCare. "We're pleased that Cornerstone is what we thought it would be. It's easy to use, highly configurable and doesn't take a lot of administrative power to maintain."

For ResCare, implementing Cornerstone resulted in more than the traditional vendor-client relationship. "We feel like we're partners. Cornerstone invested in helping us, and we're invested in helping them. We actively partner with them to help enhance their product and, in turn, Cornerstone helps us with new ways to meet our challenges," said Heetderks. "Plus, we can always count on our client success manager. He's our advocate and he's invested in our success."

The Results

Reduced application completion time by 32 percent. With Cornerstone Recruiting, ResCare’s application process is more user-friendly and less time consuming for applicants, even though application content has remained the same. “A key to getting more applications is removing the barriers that get in an applicant’s way. We reduced application time by streamlining the user interface, not by removing steps,” said Heetderks. “The amount of time it takes to complete our application has decreased from 25 minutes to about 17 minutes."

Increased flow of applicants. ResCare’s prior recruiting process put the company at a disadvantage in competing for top talent. It also made achieving growth targets very difficult. “We have never received more applications than we are receiving now. Cornerstone Recruiting is engaging for applicants and intuitive for hiring managers,” said Heetderks. “It has to be this way if you’re going to win in the fight for talent in the high-volume space. And no matter how long you’ve been doing this, there’s nothing quite like having an operation leader say ‘thanks’ for helping them run a better operation and ensuring people reach their highest level of independence."

Eliminated the use of spreadsheets. Previously, ResCare tracked training via spreadsheets, a process that consumed tremendous time. “One of the core benefits of Cornerstone Learning is the ability to track and report on learning execution,” said Heetderks. “Saying goodbye to paper documents and spreadsheet attachments is an obvious step forward."

Increased visibility. Prior to Cornerstone, ResCare’s multiple talent management systems and manual tracking couldn’t provide critical insight into the workforce or the employee lifecycle—a big disadvantage when it came to making decisions on performance and retention strategies. “Cornerstone’s tracking capability, when combined with robust reporting, gives our leadership never-before-seen visibility into detailed operational execution,” said Heetderks.



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