“With Cornerstone for Salesforce, we've been able to automate the process, and as a result, onboarding has gone from five days to two.”

Why Cornerstone

When the company began the search for a new onboarding and learning management system (LMS), it was imperative that the solution be native to Salesforce. “Cornerstone was really the only solution we considered because it’s native to Salesforce. I also knew from previous experience that the company provides great support,” said Garrett. “When you partner with Cornerstone, you’re getting a tech leader in the learning space, and they have the track record to prove it. They’re very collaborative.”

While average Cornerstone for Salesforce (CFS) implementation time is 6-8 weeks, Riskonnect implemented CFS in just one month. Employee feedback was immediately positive. “New hires say ‘This is great, it’s straightforward, and I understand what I have to do,” said Garrett. “CFS has enabled us to provide better structure. It also ensures consistency and eliminates gaps in training.”

The Results

Reduced onboarding time by 60 percent. Previously, Riskonnect’s onboarding process was a time-consuming, highly manual process. With CFS, content can be automatically pushed to employees based on triggers, such as organizational role and new hire status. This just-in-time training not only simplifies the work for Garrett’s team but engages employees faster with content that is specific to their needs. “We’ve been able to automate the process, and onboarding has gone from five days to two,” said Garrett. “New hires have our fundamentals curriculum sitting on their transcript right away.”

Delivered training to employees across the world. With CFS, Garrett and his team can deliver training to every employee, in any location. We’re a global company, with offices in the United States, London and India. I can very easily push out training to everybody in the company with a click of a button. It saves me a lot of time.”

Streamlined SSAE-16 security certification and audits. Riskonnect manages sensitive data every day, and to maintain SSAE-16 certification, the company is audited every year. “With CFS, we were able to test the entire company and create a report. It showed auditors that everyone had gone through the security class and passed,” said Garrett. “CFS is now a big part of maintaining our annual SSAE-16 certification.”

Increased visibility of training completion and certifications. Previously, Riskonnect had no easy way to aggregate new hire data, leaving his department without visibility into training completions and certifications. “Cornerstone helped me set up reports,” said Garrett. “I can tell our managers, ‘Here’s our new hire development plan. Here’s what’s completed. Here’s what’s left.’”

Managers have also benefited from the increased transparency around training, critical to ensuring the company’s 15 development plans are having a measurable impact on new hire engagement, productivity and retention. With CFS, Riskonnect can correlate training with sales revenue and other metrics to determine which courses deliver the biggest ROI. “We can track and report on individual progress. Cornerstone helps us do all of that more effectively.”

Prepared for deployment of training to customers. Riskonnect plans to use CFS to push learning opportunities to customers. While keeping users trained on Riskonnect is crucial to maintaining repeat revenue on the software itself, courses can also function as an independent revenue stream.





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