Steven Seymour


As a co-founder and former Executive Vice President of Strategic Accounts, Seymour developed successful client relationships with an impressive number of Fortune 500 organizations. With an early emphasis on the financial service community, Seymour developed strong, longstanding client partnerships with some of the largest companies in the financial industry. Smith Barney, Washington Mutual, Aon and NYSE are among the marquee names that Seymour brought into the Cornerstone OnDemand client family. Additionally, he has forged critical strategic partnerships with a number of the top international consulting companies resulting in increased Cornerstone OnDemand business and exposure.

Prior to Cornerstone OnDemand, Seymour had an eight year stint in the institutional banking industry. During this time, Seymour was a VP of the Schroder's (now Citigroup) High Net Worth group where he covered a blend of institutional accounts, pension funds and high net worth individual portfolios. Steven holds a BS in Economics and a BA in English from the University of Southern California. Steven resides in Sarasota, Florida.