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Compensation planning

View performance and talent information about your entire organization with Cornerstone compensation management software. Clearly identify your team’s capabilities and map them to appropriate rewards and incentives.

Incentive management

Administer innovative compensation strategies with increased accuracy, improved consistency, and ensured compliance. Cornerstone’s compensation management solution allows for configurable implementation of incentive management programs that distribute bonus and equity to targeted performance behaviors.

Customized compensation statements

Reaffirm company brand value with branded compensation statements. Provide employees with complete compensation information in an all-inclusive view.

Budgeting & reporting

Increase transparency and visibility for managers with: reports & dashboards that show approval workflows, budget summaries & scenarios, and analytics tools

Cornerstar Stories

"Cornerstone Recruiting enables us to engage with the right candidates."
Jennifer Briggs, HR Director, New Belgium Brewing
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"We’ve increased our performance appraisal completion rates from 50% to 98%."
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"Recruiting allows us to create targeted career sites that address the recruitment needs of local business units."
Morten Holm, HRIS Project Manager
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"Cornerstone's solutions have improved the overall experience of our employees."
Christian Carlsson, SVP HR, Papyrus Group
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